13 OF '13

Chancellor Miller In this time of looking back at the year that was, it is my pleasure to share with you this compilation of our university's top research accomplishments from 2013. These stories represent just a fraction of the work being done by our faculty and students to dig deeper, think bigger, and reach higher as scholars and as global citizens. They know that today's research could lead to tomorrow's innovations, and our institution is proud to support their endeavors and highlight their important work here.

As North Carolina's coastal university and the home base for world-class faculty, University of North Carolina Wilmington is literally and figuratively positioned to provide some of today's most important research. But the work going on here at UNCW isn't just what we do. It's who we are, and it empowers us to make valuable contributions to our community, our region, and beyond.

Beyond the work our faculty is doing in their role as researchers, UNCW is innovative in its approach to student involvement in research; our faculty offer our undergraduates and graduate students a hands-on, interactive experience that is unrivaled in its commitment to applied learning.

Research is an integral element in the journey of learning at UNC Wilmington. I hope this compilation invites you into that journey in a meaningful way, and inspires you to learn more about UNCW's impact on the world of research and the world at large.

Chancellor Miller

Gary L. Miller