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Collage of Photos UNCW, North Carolina's Coastal University, presents

a look back at our 13 biggest research achievements of the year, from marine life to a "Miracle Field." Every day, our faculty and students are exploring uncharted territory, connecting their outcomes to regional and global challenges - and setting the stage for innovation and translational impact in 2014 and beyond. Click below to learn more about UNCW's research wins this year - and be sure to check out the other ways we made headlines in 2013!

Professor measuring a shell

13 OF '13 Graphic Signs of a 'Sea Change'

Evidence of global warming grabbed headlines in 2013, renewing public interest in what a warmer climate will mean for Earth's future inhabitants. More…

Wilmington NC skyline at night

13 OF '13 Graphic What's in a Name?

This fall, the UNCW Office of Community Partnerships and the Cameron School of Business launched a community-wide campaign to collect insights from area residents in an effort to define Wilmington as a region, a business and pleasure destination, and as a hotspot for economic development. More…

aerial  view of the CREST Research Park

13 OF '13 Graphic The Business Case
for Research

With the Nov. 18 opening of the Biotechnology Building at CREST Research Park, University of North Carolina Wilmington researchers are now able to work side by side with entrepreneurs and others developing products, technologies and processes that will benefit society using the marine organisms they are culturing. More…

Miracle Field Statue/Entrance

13 OF '13 Graphic A Miracle League
of Their Own

Dan Johnson sees more than a place to play ball when he visits the Miracle Field and Playground, which opened in August 2013 at Olsen Park in New Hanover County. More…

UNCW Students recycling

13 OF '13 Graphic Thinking Outside the Book

Rather than just reading and writing about sustainability as a theme in literature, Warfield's English 101 students are sorting through trash and collecting recyclables. The service learning component of her current course was piloted as an ETEAL* (Experiencing Transformative Education through Applied Learning) supported initiative with her English 290 class, White Vinegar and Chicken Coops: The Narratives of Homesteading and Self-Sustainability. More…

Professor examining a test tube

13 OF '13 Graphic Don't Want to Lose It?
Move It!

To determine the effects of aging on the brain, Rachel Kohman, assistant professor in the UNCW Department of Psychology, studies psychoneuroimmunology - a combination of psychology, immunology and neuroscience. Her research, funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health, is yielding important discoveries about inflammation, exercise and the brain. More…

Student with brain cap

13 OF '13 Graphic Mind Over Matter:
The Healing Effects
of Brain Power

Millions take prescription medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but nearly 40 percent do not find relief. The remainder may experience adverse side effects that overshadow treatment benefits. Julian Keith, a neuroscientist in the UNCW Department of Psychology, is conducting a study that shows neurofeedback is a viable, alternative therapy for adults and children with ADHD. More…

Professors standing in front of world map

13 OF '13 Graphic The Eye of the TIGR

The UNCW Team for Interdisciplinary Global Research (TIGR) is fulfilling a vital role in the U.S. government's efforts to learn more about geostrategic areas around the globe. More…

Professor in front of a child watching TV

13 OF '13 Graphic Toddlers Should
Tune Out TV

Matt Lapierre, an assistant professor in the UNCW Department of Communication Studies, is breaking new ground in the relationship between media and children's cognitive health. In October 2013, he and a colleague from the University of Pennsylvania, where Lapierre earned his doctorate, published "Marketing Genius: The Impact of Educational Claims and Cues on Parents' Reactions to Infant/Toddler DVDs" in the Journal of Consumer Affairs. More…

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