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Spam Filter - Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE)

Microsoft's FOPE spam detection provides an aggressive approach to filtering out spam messages from UNCW email accounts.

FOPE Spam Filter FAQs

How do I access my FOPE spam filter?

Will my FOPE password change when my UNCW email account password changes?

What if I forget my FOPE password?

Why is there so little mail in my Spam Quarantine? Is FOPE not working?

FOPE performs spam filtering in two stages, blocking most spam at the network edge with reputation filtering and then scanning messages using content-based rules (which detect many additional email threats). These methods block most spam before it ever gets to your quarantine. FOPE does, however, allow some “bulk email” (a.k.a., junk mail) messages in. (Junk mail messages typically include email newsletters, advertisements, and marketing messages from vendors and companies.) Note: our former spam filter, Proofpoint, allowed known spam into the quarantine; thus it appeared that more spam was being blocked.

What should I do with junk mail that I don't want in my Inbox?

Most of the junk mail messages in your Inbox are legitimate messages from reputable companies/vendors (not spam messages from unknown sources trying to obtain your personal information). You may unsubscribe from legitimate sources by choosing “unsubscribe” from the message. Do not provide any passwords or personal information when unsubscribing.

Why did I get this junk mail message? I never subscribed to anything from this vendor.

When signing up for conferences and newsletters or visiting various websites for information, there is often a statement in the terms and conditions which states that by signing up you are allowing the company/vendor to share your email address with affiliates, vendors, partners and others. While you may not have directly signed up for information, you may still receive email from these vendors/companies.

How does Microsoft (FOPE) define spam?

Within the FOPE product, the term spam refers to a message that is unsolicited and unwanted. No spam filter is perfect, and occasionally FOPE will allow a message that might be considered spam to be delivered to an inbox. Thus, Microsoft provides a way for users to notify them if a message was incorrectly classified. (See next FAQ)

Can I report spam directly to Microsoft?

Yes. To report spam directly to Microsoft, please take the following steps:

  1. Create a new, blank message and add the spam message as an attachment.
  2. Copy and paste the original spam message subject line into the new message subject line. Important: Leave the body of the new message empty
  3. Send your new message to

How can I add a person to my Safe Senders or Blocked Senders lists?

What options do I have once I log into FOPE?

How often will I receive email digest notifications?

I don’t want to receive the digest notifications in my email. How do I turn this feature off?

Where can I find more information on FOPE?

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