ARC Mission

To assist University of North Carolina Wilmington faculty and students in their engagement of pure and applied research, Information Technology Systems is committed to the exploration of high performance and grid computing, high-speed networks, virtual environments, data storage and backup, and research-based software titles. ARC is designed to allow researchers access to broad array of technical resources as well as provide test environments for work on grants and experimental applications.

ARC Advisory Committee


Name Unit
Dr. Karl Ricanek, Jr Computer Science
Mr. Carey Gibson Information Technology Systems


Members: Unit
Dr. Daniel Johnson Music
Dr. Stephen Meinhold Sponsored Programs
Dr. Ulku Yaylacicegi Information Systems & Operations Management
Dr. Douglas M. Kline Information Systems & Operations Management
Dr. Ruthanne Kuiper School of Nursing
Dr. Hee-Sung Lee Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dr. Ned Martin Chemistry & Biochemistry
Ms. Xiaoyan Qi Center for Marine Science
Dr. Ann Stapleton Biology & Marine Biology
Dr. Ron Vetter Computer Science
Ms. Ellen Gurganious Information Technology Systems
Dr. Mark Imperial Public and International Affairs
Dr. Florence Martin Watson School of Education
Dr. Jeff Brown Mathematics and Statistics