Adobe Software

Creative Cloud for University-Owned Systems

Faculty/Staff Computers

Just before the winter break, Academic Affairs purchased Creative Cloud for 25% of fac/staff.  If you need a license for instructional purposes or to do your job, please email requesting a license and please state your need.

In addition, Adobe Acrobat Pro has been purchased for all University-owned computers.  ITS is currently working on how to roll this out.  Please submit any questions to

Lab Computers

The Academic Affairs license will cover all computer labs.  Again, ITS is working with Adobe to figure out how to package and distribute this software to labs and will get it out as quickly as we can to the labs that need it for instructional purposes.  If you need Creative Cloud for instructional purposes, please send an email to and provide the building and room number of the lab in which you would like the software installed.

Non-Creative Cloud Software

Below are the applications that are not part of UNCW’s Creative Cloud license and will need to be purchased separately:

Individual Products



ColdFusion Enterprise


Font Folio



Order Process (for Non-Creative Cloud Software)

Prior to purchasing Adobe Contribute for your department, please consult Tami Mansur at

1. Click on the product you wish to purchase from the chart above. You will be taken to the CIA vendor website to view details and pricing.

2. Using Remote Desktop allows you to connect to your university computer, and any software installed on it, from any machine off-campus as long as you have an internet connection, so purchasing the media (DVD) of the software is not necessary.

NOTE: Software licenses and media are the responsibility of the department to track, maintain and renew.

3. Order:

  • Log in to uShop. From the Home page, select the Adobe button, which will open an Order Form (with instructions).
  • Enter the Product Description, Catalog No., Quantity and Price into the appropriate fields. This information can be obtained from the chart above.
  • To simplify ordering and tracking, add the name of the individual who will receive the software in the "Ship-To" field.
  • If ordering multiple licenses you can add a Comment or Internal note in uShop, but you should also include the names of individuals receiving the software when your order confirmation is sent to the TAC (step 4).
  • Submit the request in uShop.

4. Once you receive the license confirmation from Computer Intelligence Association (CIA), our vendor:

  • Forward the confirmation PDF file to and along with the name(s) of the individual(s) receiving the software.
  • Be sure to "Receive" the product in uShop.

5. File the confirmation of purchase/license information in a safe place. It is the department's responsibility to keep track of software licensing, and this information may be needed if the computer is re-imaged or a new computer is set up. If this information is not provided, the software may not be able to be re-installed.

NOTE: If a purchase needs to be made without using uShop, please contact Purchasing at 910-962-3158.