Computer Transfer/Surplus Requests

Computer transfer or surplus requests are completed to record the movement of computers/ servers with a cost of less than $5000 to a new location, department, division or surplus status. This information will be used to generate SSRS reports for budget managers. The reports are for departmental use when conducting equipment inventories at times determined by each respective department.

Surplus requests for all computers, regardless of purchase price, require a computer transfer form. The form requires the releasing approver to approve the form (this is the department approver who currently has the computer). Please select Pete Bloodworth (Warehouse Services Manager) as the receiving approver. Please be sure to enter the name, phone number and location in the comments section of the form so the machine can be picked up.

NOTE for Lifecycle Computer Transfer Requests: ITS will enter a computer transfer request for lifecycle computers, to be approved by the department receiving the lifecycle computer. In the event that the lifecycle computer transfer is not approved by the receiving department, computer transfer forms for lifecycle computers will be automatically transferred by the system after the log in identification is confirmed by the Computrace tracking system.

To determine what to do with your transfer or surplus computers/servers, see below:

Computers and Servers (Less Than $5000)

While this equipment is no longer classified as a fixed asset, the university's policy requiring departmental responsibility for equipment (PDF) still applies.

NOTE: ITS is facilitating the computer tracking system for data security purposes only. Departments are responsible for maintaining accurate information within the system.

Computers and Servers ($5000 or More)

This equipment will continue to be tracked by Fixed Assets (Business Affairs). In these cases, the Computer Transfer form should not be used. Contact Fixed Assets for information regarding the paper Movable Equipment Form used to transfer this equipment.


Computer Transfer Form Training (PDF)


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