Orders Requiring Special Processing

  • Priority Orders Create an electronic requisition, using the appropriate standard text code to identify the requisition as a priority. Processing time should normally be within two days after receipt by Purchasing. Written/ verbal justification of the request may help to further expedite processing the order.
  • Confirming Orders Create an electronic requisition, using the appropriate standard text codes to identify the order as a priority and to request that Purchasing call the vendor with the purchase order number. Confirming orders will normally be processed by 10:00 A.M. the following day after receipt of the electronically approved requisition by Purchasing.
  • Emergency Purchase Orders An emergency is an unexpected situation of a serious nature that demands immediate action. Although emergencies do occur through failure of equipment and other unforeseen conditions, frequent emergency orders may indicate poor planning, coordination, and organization.

Approval of Emergency Purchases.  Emergency purchases are allowed by Purchasing Services when conditions warrant emergency action.  An emergency purchase is a deviation from normal procurement procedure and shall be permitted only with the approval of the Director of Purchasing.  Emergency purchases shall be affected by Purchasing Services on the basis of verbal contacts with department heads and vendors, and followed up with required written documentation.

  • Vendor Contact. Normally, under no circumstances should personnel other than Purchasing Services deal with vendors. The university recognizes that an extreme emergency may exist where direct contact with the vendor by university personnel would be warranted. An emergency occurring outside working hours or during working hours when time is of the essence (for example, hurricane disasters) could warrant such action.
  • Options for Obtaining Emergency Purchases. Emergency orders may be obtained through one of the following methods: purchase order, standing purchase order, check request, and petty cash reimbursement.
  • Emergency purchase order is desired. Department must complete a Requisition/Input Authorization Form, (PDF)obtain approval signatures, and hand deliver to Purchasing. 

1. Upon receipt of the requisition input forms, Purchasing will evaluate the request and assign a requisition number and an emergency purchase order number. One copy of the input form will be returned to the department. Purchasing will enter the order as a purchase order only, at which time availability of funds will be checked by the system. Therefore, there will never be a requisition encumbrance entry for an emergency request.  

2. The department will take the purchase order number to the vendor and pick up the merchandise

3. A purchase order will be printed the next day, and a confirming copy will be sent to the vendor. The Receiving and Department copies of the purchase order will be sent to the requisitioning department.

4. The department will sign the Receiving copy of the purchase order to indicate receipt of the merchandise and return to Purchasing.

  • Check with Order Purchases. Normally, this is only done if the vendor is not able to bill against a purchase order. To request check with order, create an electronic requisition. On a text line, indicate that pre-payment is requested. Send as a requisition attachment any documents from the vendor stating the amount and that prepayment is required.

  • Products Offered on a Trial Basis. To receive an item for preview before making a commitment to purchase, create an electronic requisition. Indicate via text line item that the item is for preview.  Purchasing will issue the purchase order and forward the Receiving and Departmental copies of the purchase order to the ordering department. Upon receipt of the item, if you wish to keep it, sign the Receiving copy of the purchase order and return to Purchasing. If you decide to return the item, mark the Receiving copy "CANCELED" and forward to Purchasing, who will cancel the purchase order. The ordering department should call Purchasing for assistance in returning the item.

  • Sole Source Purchases. Requisitions must be accompanied by a Sole Source Justification Form signed by the department head.

  • Change Orders.   If a change order is required after the purchase order has been created, a Requisition Input/Authorization form must be completed, approved, and forwarded to Purchasing.  The form should indicate the difference in the original order.  (Do not process a change order electronically.)

NOTE:  If a change order is required for a Contract and Grant account, the input form must be approved by the Office of Sponsored Programs for all items stated in procedure statement C. (PDF)

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