Regular Purchase Order Receiving

Applies to all university departments and activities receiving goods and services purchased through the university purchasing system (Banner).  Post Office mail and Library books are examples of items that are not purchased through the university’s purchasing system.

Payment for purchases of supplies, equipment, and services is processed only after receipt has been documented.  A payment will take place only if a match is made between the purchase order amount ordered, received and invoiced.  Any differences will be brought to your attention.  Therefore, it is important that receiving is acknowledged promptly and accurately to prevent undue payment delay. All communication with vendors (including communication regarding the receipt of unsatisfactory items) should be handled by Purchasing in order to track invoices, credits, and payment.

Instructions for Receiving Regular Purchase Orders:

Partial Orders:  If only a part of the total purchase order has been received, clearly indicate on a purchase order photocopy what items were actually received, then SIGN and RETURN THE PHOTOCOPY TO PURCHASING.  To indicate exactly what was received, draw a line through the quantity ordered and write the actual quantity received.  Sign, date, check the “partial” box at the bottom of the form and send the copy to Purchasing.  For successive partial orders, follow the above instructions indicating the amount received on each shipment.  When the balance of the purchase order is received, sign and date the original form, indicate the items received in this shipment, check the “complete” box and send to Purchasing




Standing Order Receiving

When a purchase or service is received and there is a receipt of an invoice, delivery ticket or notification from the departmental user, a photocopy of the purchase order should be made.  The following information must be indicated on the photocopy:

The photocopy of the purchase order (with all pertinent documentation attached) should be forwarded to Accounts Payable.  (Every effort should be made to forward the required information to Accounts Payable immediately, as delays in processing the necessary paperwork could result in late payments to the vendor.)

A notification will be sent to the department when Accounts Payable has received an invoice but has not received the supporting receiving copy (photocopy of purchase order) with pertinent documentation attached.

Standing Order Completed – When the standing order is completed, the receiving copy of the purchase order must be signed and the “complete” box checked.  Then the Purchase Order must be sent to Purchasing for liquidation and closure of the purchase order in the Banner system.


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