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National Student Exchange

We regret to announce that, as of May 12, 2013, UNCW will no longer be hosting the National Student Exchange Program at our campus. We are no longer accepting applications from UNCW students to go out on exchange, and we will not be receiving any visiting students after the end of the spring 2013 semester.
We are grateful for all the administration, faculty, and UNCW community members who have supported NSE over the years, and we are especially thankful for all the wonderful students who make the program what it is. We wish each of you all the best as you continue your academic and personal pursuits at UNCW and beyond.
If you have specific questions regarding the impact of this decision, please contact Sean Ahlum at:
For further details, please see the official statement below.

UNCW Official Statement Regarding Cancelling
Participation in the NSE Program

UNCW has had a series of budget reductions over the past few years that has prompted examination of many of our operations and programs. We have lost faculty positions which have reduced course offerings. It has become increasingly difficult for students to find all of the classes they need to stay on track to graduate in four years. Changes within the university have been achieved through a careful review of university programs and initiatives.
With UNCW's increasing enrollment, especially with transfer students, we have reached a point in time in our Housing and Residence Life program where we are going to need to allocate housing spaces for degree seeking students only at UNCW. The Chancellor's Cabinet has made it clear that housing priorities for 2013-2014 include allowing returning students to reclaim space, to guarantee on-campus housing to freshmen who contract by May 1, 2013, and to house as many transfer students as can be accommodated without tripling in Belk, Graham, and Hewlett. For these reasons it has become necessary to stop offering reserved, on-campus housing to NSE participants. Since our Housing and Residence life program has been the sponsoring department for the NSE program, and no other campus departments have the financial means and resources to serve as sponsors, the decision has been made to discontinue our participation in the NSE program overall. Effective May 12, 2013, UNCW's participation with the NSE program will terminate completely. UNCW will not be sending any additional UNCW students out on NSE exchanges and UNCW will not be accepting any additional students into UNCW on exchange beyond May 12, 2013.

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