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Summer bills will be issued May 1, 2014. Payment is due May 22, 2014. Non-payment of this bill by May 22, 2014 will result in summer I and II classes being cancelled.


Collections of past due balances for students not enrolled.

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Linda Padezanin: 910-962-4280

Individuals no longer enrolled in courses at the university with an outstanding account balance over 30 days are considered past due are notified by letter that they have an outstanding balance with the University.  A second letter is sent when the account balance is 60 days past due.  A HOLD is placed on the student’s account to prevent registration, obtaining transcripts and/or diploma until the balance is paid in full.  There are no exceptions to releasing holds with students who have an outstanding balance with the university.  Scheduled payment plans are available, however the HOLD will remain until the balance is paid in full. The collection process will continue unless an executed payment plan by both parties or payment in full is received by UNCW.

If the outstanding balance is not paid within 60 days, the student will be referred to the NC Attorney General's office.  Upon review by the NC Attorney General’s Office, outstanding balances not paid after 90 days are forwarded to a North Carolina State approved collection agency as well as reported to the credit bureau, and entered in the NC Department of Revenue database for garnishment of future tax refund money.  Notification is sent to individuals when funds are received from the NC Setoff Debt Collection ACT (SODCA) along with the procedure to request a hearing upon contestation.

HOLDS are released immediately for payments made by cash or credit card.  If payment is made by webcheck the HOLD is released in 10 business days, if payment is made by paper check the HOLD is released in 30 days.  Students may fax a copy of the front and back of their check, or provide bank documentation that the check has cleared their account and have the HOLD released at that time.

Effective July 2012 UNCW will assess a one-time interest late penalty and begin monthly interest assessment. Pursuant to N.C.G.S 147-86.23, the N.C Department of Revenue sets a statutory rate of interest which shall be charged on all past due account receivables from the date due until paid. The statutory rate of interest may change and the N.C Department of Revenue will send notice to the Collection Section every six months to update this rate.

Accounts deemed uncollectible after a period of attempt to collect are written off the university’s accounts receivable balance.  The unpaid balance plus interest and late fees remains a legal obligation of the student.  The accounts are retained with a third party collection agency and reported to the credit bureau.  Accounts are also reported to the NC Department of Revenue for garnishment of tax refund money.  A transcript, diplomas, and registration HOLD will remain on the student account until the account is paid in full.

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