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Important Messages!!

E-bills will be issued on February 18, 2015. Payment will be due on March 31st.

Non-payment of this bill will result in a hold being place on your account. Holds prevent receipt of transcripts and/or Registration.

Billing and Registration Schedule

Click here for PDF version - Summer I, Summer II and Fall 2014

Click here for PDF version - Spring 2015

Please read the important statements at the bottom of this page!

Mid-Semester Bill Due October 28
Registration Holds Placed on Accounts (balance due) October 29
Pre-registration BEGINS November 3
Deadline for Spring feeds to Banner Student November 14 (1)
Upload UG E-bills and e-mail notification November 17
Opening of TealPay 4 & 5-pay Plans November 18
Pre-registration ENDS  December 7
Deadline for signing up for TealPay 5-pay plan December 15
Payment due - UnderGrad Only December 15
Class Cancellation/Reinstatement Email Sent December 16
Last Day to Reinstate Classes December 18
SeaNet opens for regular term registration December 19
Opening of TealPay 3-pay Plan December 19
Financial Aid Begins Posting to Accounts January 2, 2015 (2)
Classes begin January 12, 2015
Upload UG/Grad E-bills and e-mail notification January 14, 2015
End of Drop/Add Period  January 20, 2015
Deadline for TealPay 3 & 4 Enrollment January 21, 2015
Payment Due Date January 21, 2015
Class Cancellation/Reinstatement Email Sent January 22, 2015
Last Day to Reinstate Classes January 26, 2015
Census Date January 26, 2015
(1) - It is extremely important that ALL semester charges be fed on or before this date so they can be includedon the spring semester E-bill.  Failure to submit feeds timely may result in students potentially paying their bill yet getting classes dropped as charges have posted later.
(2) - Be sure any additional charges have been posted by this date to avoid students getting a Financial Aidrefund before charges have posted.
Matt C. Hinnant, Student Accounts Manager    x3794    hinnantm@uncw.edu
Nadine L. Flint, Director, Student Accounts Services    x7503    flintn@uncw.edu








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