Academic Affairs

Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award



Dr. Amy Kirschke Art and Art History


Dr. Cara Cilano English
2014 Dr. G. Brooks Avery Chemistry and Biochemistry
2013 Dr. Paolo Almeida Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. Herb Berg Philosophy and Religion
2012 Dr. Lynn A. Leonard Geography and Geology
2011 Dr. Stephen McNamee Sociology and Criminology
Dr. Caroline Clements Psychology
2010 Dr. Wei Feng Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Stephen Kinsey Biology and Marine Biology
2009 Dr. Tony Puente Psychology
2008 Dr. Steven D. Emslie Biology and Marine Biology
Dr. Robert D. Hancock Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. Stephen A. Skrabal Chemistry and Biochemistry
2007 Dr. Dale J. Cohen Psychology
Dr. Jeanne K. Kemppainen Nursing
Dr. Michael M. Seidman History
2006 Dr. Lawrence Cahoon Biology and Marine Biology
Dr. Philip Furia Creative Writing
Dr. Stephen Harper Management and Marketing
2005 Dr. Richard M. Dillaman Biology and Marine Biology
Dr. Patricia H. Kelley Earth Sciences
Dr. Sherrill V. Martin Music
2004 Dr. Ann Conner Art and Theatre
Dr. David La Vere History
2003 Dr. Craig Galbraith Management and Marketing
Mr. Philip Gerard Creative Writing
Dr. Ned Martin Chemistry
2002 Dr. William J. Cooper Chemistry
2001 Dr. Robert J. Kieber Chemistry
Dr. D. Ann Pabst Biological Sciences
2000 Dr. Randall K. Hanson Accountancy and Business Law
Dr. Martin H. Posey Biological Sciences
Dr. Carol A. Pilgrim Psychology
1999 Dr. Lou Buttino Communication Studies
Dr. Joseph Pawlik Biological Sciences
Dr. Barbara F. Waxman English
1998 Dr. William H. Overman, Jr. Psychology
1997 Dr. William J. Cleary Earth Sciences
1996 Dr. Ibrahim S. Sadek Mathematical Sciences
1995 Dr. James Parnell Biological Sciences
1994 Dr. Joan Wiley Chemistry
1993 Dr. Robert B. Toplin History
1992 Dr. John Clifford English
1991 Dr. Mark Galizio Psychology
1990 Dr. Donald F. Kapraun Biological Sciences

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