Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Advisory Committee

Mission Statement

Name Department Term
Dr. Timothy Ballard Biology and Marine Biology 2012
Ms. Madeleine Bombeld Randall Library 2012
Dr. Stuart R. Borrett Biology and Marine Biology 2012
Dr. Theodore Burgh Philosophy & Religion 2012
Dr. Don Bushman English 2012
Ms. Sue Cody Randall Library 2012
Dr. Donna Chapa-Crowe Center for Leadership Education & Service 2012
Dr. John Fischetti Educational Leadership 2012
Dr. Russell Herman Physics and Physical Oceanography 2012
Dr. Michael O. Maume Sociology and Criminology 2012
Dr. Deborah L. Pollard Nursing 2012
Dr. Colleen A. Reilly English 2012
Dr. Patti Turrisi Philosophy and Religion 2012

Ex-officio Non-Voting:
Dr. Kate Bruce, Director, Honors Scholars Program
Dr. Cathy L. Barlow, Provost

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