First-Year Admission - Standardized Testing

A standardized test score is required for admission to the university. UNCW will consider either the SAT Reasoning Test or ACT, or both if both are provided. Your standardized test scores are an important factor in our decision, as they are the only universal benchmark to compare all students; however, they are only one factor in the decision. SAT II Subject Tests and AP or IB scores are not considered in the admission decision at UNCW.

SAT Reasoning Test

The middle 50 percent of admitted students scored an 1130 to a 1250 on the math and critical reading sections of the SAT. UNCW will also “Super Score” your results, taking your highest math and critical reading subscores from any test date provided. UNCW’s SAT number code is 5907.

Use the College Board website for test dates, registration information and helpful study planning guidelines.


The middle 50 percent ACT composite score was a 25-28 for admitted students in 2014-2015. UNCW will “Super Score” your results, taking your highest subscores from any ACT test date provided. UNCW’s ACT number code is 3174.

Writing Scores

Again, for the SAT a writing score is required. While not included in our averages reported for admitted students, your writing score is considered – only separately. The writing score is an increasingly important factor in the admission process and can serve to distinguish two applicants with otherwise identical scores.

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