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Preparing to Transfer

We are excited you are considering Transferring to Teal. Below you will find steps to assist you with the transfer process. It is not a requirement to follow each step by number, but it may help to begin with Step 1.

Quick Links
Step 1: Create a SeaLevel Account
Step 2: What Courses Transfer
Step 3: How This Applies To My Major and Career
Step 4: Check UNC Wilmington Course Offerings
Step 5: Being Competitive For Admission
Step 6: Applying to UNC Wilmington
Step 7: UNCW Office of Transfer Admissions Staff

Step 1: Create a SeaLevel Account


We encourage you to begin the process by creating a prospective transfer student SeaLevel account. Creating a SeaLevel account is quick and easy. You will only need to provide basic information.

It is important to provide us with a working email address. Most of our contact with you will be by email.

Click here to begin your account.

By creating a SeaLevel account you will have access to the following:
- Apply Online
- Schedule a Campus Tour
- Register for transfer-specific tours
- Find general information about your intended major
- Receive important updates from Transfer Admissions


Step 2: What Courses Transfer

Chancellor's WalkAs a general rule, UNC Wilmington will accept credit from any REGIONALLY accredited institution. The only credit that will not be consider is developmental, remedial, and/or technical credit. It is against our accreditation standards to accept credit from an Independent, National or other accrediting body that is not regional.

You can access our list of transfer equivalencies by clicking the link below and following the directions. This is NOT a full, complete list of credit. There are links to assist you if you cannot locate your school/courses.

UNC Wilmington Transfer Credit Equivalencies

Transfer Credit Limitations

  • Two-Year Institutions/Community Colleges
    A maximum of 64 semester hours of credit may be awarded to students who have pursued their education at a two-year institution.
  • Four-year institutions/Colleges & Universities
    A maximum of 93 semester hours of credit may be awarded to students who have pursued their education at a four-year institution.


Step 3: How This Applies to My Major and Career

ColumnsIt is important to know that admission to UNC Wilmington does not guarantee acceptance into your intended major. If your major has a separate admission process with its own admission requirements then, if admitted, you will be in a pre-major status. Please refer to the Degree Programs and Requirements section of the online university catalogue for more information.

An undergraduate degree is divided into three parts: University Studies requirements; degree requirements; and free elective hours. You are welcome to visit the links below to assist you with information regarding our University Studies requirements and Undergraduate Majors:

UNC Wilmington University Studies Requirements (2013-2014 Academic Year)

UNC Wilmington Undergraduate Majors
(2013-14 Academic Year)

After I graduate from UNCW, what career will I be pursuing?
What can I do with this major?


Step 4: Check UNC Wilmington Course Offerings

Please follow the directions below to check UNC Wilmington course offerings. Please keep in mind that courses change each semester.

Click here to access UNCWSeaNet.

From the link listed above, click on "Search for Courses"
Choose what term and click "Submit"
Select the criteria and choose "Class Search"


Step 5: Being Competitive for Admission

WT1You must meet our transfer requirements in order to be competitive for admission.


Step 6: Applying to UNC Wilmington

BasketballReady to apply?

By clicking here, you will be directed to a webpage where you can either download the application or apply online (See Step 1). We strongly encourage students to apply online.

Click here for our application deadlines.


Step 7: UNC Wilmington Office of Transfer Admissions Staff

If you have questions regarding admission and would like to speak with our staff, you can click here for contact information.


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