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James Lindholm
California State University Monterey Bay

Dr. James Lindholm (B.A. California Polytechnic State University; M.A. and Ph.D. Boston University) is currently the James W. Rote Professor of Marine Science and Policy at California State University Monterey Bay. He is an ecologist and conservation biologist with interests across a wide range of taxa and geographic regions. His research interests include the landscape ecology of fishes, the recovery of seafloor habitats and associated taxa following the cessation of fishing activity, and the design and efficacy of marine protected areas. Current research activities include projects along the central coast of California, the Florida Keys, and the Gulf of Maine. Dr. Lindholm is also very interested in the interface of science and policy/management. He is the founder and Director of the Institute for Applied Marine Ecology (IfAME) at CSU Monterey Bay. The mission of the IfAME is to develop clear linkages between ecological phenomena and potential and realized management regimes along the California coast, across the US, and throughout the world. To accomplish this mission, Dr. Lindholm, colleagues, and students work closely with the State and Federal government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and other academic institutions.

This is Dr. Lindholm’s 4th mission to Aquarius.

Mission Date: November, 2008
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James Lindholm