Marine Science Pioneer to Speak at UNCW Bookstore March 6

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Friday, March 02, 2012

Bob Wicklund, who works with federal programs for the University of North Carolina Wilmington, will give a talk on Tuesday at 2 p.m. in the campus bookstore to promote his new book, Eyes in the Sea. He will also sign copies of the book.

Wicklund was instrumental in the establishment of the Aquarius underwater laboratory operated by UNCW. Wicklund's Eyes in the Sea recounts his years of diving experiences. Chronicling Wicklund's career, the book recounts his record breaking dives and meetings with luminaries such as Prince Charles, Fidel Castro, Lloyd Bridges, Clive Cussler and a host of other prominent scientists, politicians and celebrities.

Among Wicklund's accomplishments:

•  Performed nine long-term saturation dives, two of which are records: the first from a submarine and the first under the Arctic ice.

•  Director and co-founder of the Hydro-Lab Undersea Research Program (1971-75). His team saturated 343 scientists and policymakers, enabling them to live and work on the bottom of the ocean.

•  Spent seven years with the U.S. Senate working on legislation for diving science and ocean protection, which included the building of the Aquarius undersea laboratory.

•  Co-founder and executive director of the Caribbean Marine Research Center in the Bahamas (1984-95), which conducted thousands of scientific dives yearly.

•  Held the directorship of the National Undersea Research Program in the Caribbean, and later the Southeast and Gulf of Mexico region.

•  In 1990 he was presented with the NOGI Award for Diving Science. The NOGI is the oldest and most prestigious award in the diving industry, dating back to 1960.

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