Appointment of the Chancellor's Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

As I announced on May 9, 2013, I am initiating a process to rethink our approach to diversity and inclusion.  I am most grateful to the following individuals who have agreed to serve on the Chancellor’s Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. 

Teddy Burgh, Committee Chair/Associate Professor, Philosophy and Religion
Fran Scarlett, Director, SBTDC
Sue Combs, Professor, School of Health & Applied Human Science, Faculty Athletic Rep
Paula Reid, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
Rebecca Caldwell, Director, Substance Abuse Violence Prevention Crossroads
Ann Potts, Associate Dean for Teacher Education and Outreach, Watson College of Education and Past Chair of Diversity Council
Amy Hathcock, Advisor in University College
Jennifer Washington, Auxiliary Services, Business Affairs Division
Grace Lopez, Student
Connor Smith, Student
Marlene Zarate, Student

We must not waiver in our commitment to create a diverse and inclusive campus environment.  I believe most of us agree there is much more to be achieved in these areas.  Several previous university surveys and studies have made recommendations about how to achieve this goal.  I will ask the committee to review those studies and determine what efforts need to be strengthened or renewed.  The group will also be encouraged to undertake any additional studies or surveys they believe are necessary to give us a clear picture of the current diversity and inclusion climate.

I will also charge the committee to evaluate the current organizational structure related to diversity and inclusion on campus.  I am particularly interested in understanding what internal structures and organizational arrangement of the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion (OIDI) would give us the best chance of meeting the needs of current students, faculty and staff and moving institutional diversity goals forward.

The committee will begin its work soon and fulfill its charge through a report to be submitted to me by the end of the fall semester.  It is extremely important that this be a fully transparent and inclusive process.  I will ask the committee to consult widely and I urge you to participate as opportunities arise.  I hope you will participate in this critical university effort.