Federal Government Shutdown Information

Dear Faculty and Staff:

As you know, the federal government is in a partial shutdown as issues related to the federal budget are being resolved. UNCW has been carefully monitoring the situation and is coordinating with the appropriate agencies of federal and state governments to ensure the University is well prepared for any impact this may have on funds to support work related to research contracts and grants. Students who are receiving federal financial aid should not experience any changes to their awards as a result of the shutdown.

Although no one can predict how long the shutdown might last, a long-term shutdown could present challenges for some areas of University operations, and we will continue our analysis to determine what steps the campus may potentially need to take moving forward.

We have provided relevant information, including specific federal agency communications and links on our Research website.  We will continue to keep you informed about the federal government shutdown and its effects on our campus.

UNCW’s senior leadership team meets regularly and will provide additional communication should the federal shutdown further impact additional campus areas including human resources.