UNCW-Enterprise Partnership Assures Convenience and Ease

The UNCW-Enterprise partnership assures convenience and ease for all of your UNCW travel needs by offering pick-up and drop-off locations around campus. Enterprise will automatically choose the parking lot closest to the building where the traveler works, making it hassle-free – the car will come to you.

Currently, there are six locations where Enterprise will drop-off and pick-up vehicles:
• Eaton Plaza – In Front of James Hall
• Lot F – In Front of Depaolo Hall
• Small Lot behind Warwick Center
• Lot behind Cameron Hall
• Small Lot beside Watson School – Education Building
• Lot T – Behind McNeil Hall

Map available on travel office website.

At each parking lot location, there will be signage indicating where the Enterprise drop-off and pick-up spaces are found. When dropping off the cars, Enterprise will call the traveler to let them know where the vehicles has been dropped off, and give the keys to the traveler or another designated UNCW Employee.

Returning the car is just as simple. The vehicle should be parked in the same spot where it was delivered or the spot closest to the pick-up space if the original space is taken. Then the traveler will call the local branch at 910-397-9110 to let them know to pick up the vehicle. The traveler will keep the keys or leave them with the department admin for Enterprise to collect.

UNCW and Enterprise is proud to offer this added pick-up and drop-off convenience to make traveling as hassle-free as possible and the transition from Motor Fleet to Enterprise an easy one.

Remember, Motor Fleet will continue to offer two passenger vans and the popular mini-buses for class field trips, special tours, and other needs. To schedule these, please contact the Parking and Transportation Motor Fleet Office at 910.962.2764 or motorfleet@uncw.edu.

Information Sessions:
• Wednesday, Dec. 4 at 10 a.m. in Hoggard Hall 249
• Tuesday, Dec.10 at 10 a.m. in Hoggard Hall 249

This article is part of an announcement series that will highlight the benefits of the upcoming UNCW-Enterprise partnership, effective January 2014. Please contact the travel office for more information or with any questions.