Wear Denim on April 23 to Support Sexual Assault Awareness

The CARE office invites all UNCW students, faculty and staff to wear jeans on Wednesday, April 23 in recognition of Denim Day 2014. Denim Day is an educational campaign intending to raise awareness of sexual assault, to show support for sexual assault survivors and to take a stand against sexual violence in our community.

Denim Day began in 1998 following an Italian High Court decision to overturn a rape conviction based on the reasoning that the 18-year old victim had been wearing very tight jeans. The justices reasoned that the 45-year-old defendant could not have removed the jeans by himself, so the victim must have given assistance and, thus, consent. Wearing jeans on Denim Day, during April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, has become an international symbol of protest about common misconceptions about rape victims.

Please join CARE in bringing attention to the important issue of sexual assault by wearing jeans on Wednesday, April 23. The CARE office has stickers available that invite people to ask participants why they are wearing jeans so that everyone can help spread the word.