What is an Ally?

What Does it Mean to be an Ally?: Definition of Characteristics

Bullet Ally(n) - one that is associated with another as a helper

BulletAlly(v) - to unite or form a connection between; to enter into an alliance

BulletAlliance(n) a bond or connection; an association formed to further the common interests of the members

To be an ally is to unite oneself with another to promote a common interest. As shown by the definitions above, people are who are allies are not only helpers, but also have a common interest with those they desire to help. In an alliance, both parties stand to benefit from the bond or connection they share.

When sexual orientation is the issue around which people form an alliance, people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, or questioning (LGBTQ). are not the only ones who benefit They may the most direct beneficiaries when others make known their support of the rights, dignity, and equality of people who are LGBTQ. But all of us, regardless of our sexual orientation, benefit when any of us take steps toward eliminating prejudice and discrimination based on sexual orientation. We all benefit from our collective efforts to create a better educated and more understanding world that treats each of us with dignity and respect.

Characteristics of An Ally

An Ally is a person who:

Adapted from handouts developed by Shawn-Eric Brooks and Vernon A. Wall (1990) and by Velvet Miller and Kristina Testa based on material from “Diversity Works” (1992) via NIU, SZP (32)

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