Research Areas and Sub-Specialties

Physiological Responses to Hypoxia

Mount RanierResearch in this area focuses on an integrated understanding of mouse hypoxic exercise tolerance. Previous results have shown that two genetic loci are principally responsible for large differences in endurance exercise under hypoxic conditions in three strains of mice. These differences are manifested once the mice have been acclimated to hypoxia. The ultimate goal is to understand the genetic basis for acclimation responses that occur at the biochemical, physiological and whole organism level to promote hypoxic exercise tolerance. We use a variety of tools in these studies including cDNA microarrays, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, light and electron microscopes, respiratory chambers, as well as a variety of standard biochemical approaches. This research has relevance to acclimatization to high altitude, to exercise physiology, and to the manner in which cells and tissues respond to hypoxia in general, which is which is an important correlate to many disease states.

Faculty researching this area include:

Stephen T. Kinsey

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