Fall 2015

Soccer Flag Football Indoor Volleyball
Men's Gold: FC Haufbraus   Men's Gold: Fully Torqued   Men's: Alpha Squad Wolfgang
Men's Teal: Suite P   Men's Greek: DTD Cluckbois   Women's: Delta Zeta
Men's Greek: Kappa Sigma   Men's Teal: Wrecking Balls  

Co-Rec: Pink Flamingos

Women's: Shark Attack   Women's: Trap Queens    
Co-Rec:Rick James (G) / Those Guys (T)  

Co-Rec: Pink Flamingos

Co-Rec Basketball Sand Volleyball Dual Sports
Teal: Pink Flamingos   Men's Gold: Fully Torqued  

Tennis: Maggie & Hayden (Mx. Dbl)


Women's: Alpha Gamma

  Racquetball: Matt Martinez (Men's Singles), Elizabeth Biesel (Women's Singles) Racquet (Mx Dbl);
    Co-Rec: Alpha Squad Wolfgang   Badminton: Men Dbl: Team Evanoff
        Cornhole: TMNT
Dodgeball Battleship
Men's: Landsharks   Co-Rec: Wut R U Sinking About  
Co-Rec: Troop 417      

Spring 2016

Basketball 4v4 Flag Football Indoor Soccer
Me's Greek: Delt A Team   Men's Gold: Fully Torqued   Men's Gold: Universal Seahawks
Men's Teal: Bellhops   Men's Greek: Delt Gold   Men's Greek: LXA Gold
Women's Pi Phi   Men's Teal: N/A   Men's Teal: PuppyMonkeyBaby
    Women's: Trap Queens   Women's: We Kick Balls
    Co-Rec: Spinal Tap   Co-Rec: The Bae's (G) / Select (T)
5on5 Soccer: Water Sports: Dual Sports
Men's Gold: Bad News Bears   Battleship: The Icebergs   Tennis: Laura Ormond (W. Singles)
Men's Greek: Kappa Sigma Serie A   IT Water Polo: N/A   Cornhole:
Men's Teal: N/A      


Women's: Chi Omega       Racquetball: Adam Eisenberg

Co-Rec: The Water Boys

Sand Volleyball
Men's Teal: PIKE Spike  

Women's: Alpha Phi

Co-Rec: Victorious Secret (G) / The Tater Gang (T)  
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