Office AssistantCampus Recreation recruits MOTIVATED STUDENTS to work in a variety of positions. We offer leadership opportunities through student employment. To be eligible for employment, you must be currently registered as an undergraduate or graduate student.

You must attend one of the information sessions listed below to receive an application and be considered for employment. Employment sessions are held each semester for employment in the following semester. Campus Recreation offers a very limited number of Work-Study positions. Please check the Financial Aid site for these listings.

Employment Hiring Sessions:




Sunday, September 11
McNeill Hall 1005
3:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday, September 13
McNeill Hall 1005
6:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday, September 14
McNeill Hall 1005
6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

* If you are interested in being a personal trainer or a group exercise instructor please be sure to see Carey Greenwood at the conclusion of the session attended.

Administration Graduate Assistants


Program Assistants
Program Assistants are responsible for assisting the professional staff members in their specific program areas with overall tasks, projects, planning, trainings and decision making. Each of the areas below utilizes Program Assistants but in different capacities depending on the program. Typically this position is held by individuals with prior experience in Campus Recreation and an in-depth knowledge of various responsibilities and skills required in the program they are associated with.


Office Assistant
The Office Assistant is responsible for assisting the Office Manager with the operation of the Campus Recreation office. Typing, computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Word are preferred for employment in this position. The office assistant will work directly with members and guests, providing courteous, friendly and professional assistance.

Marketing Assistant
Marketing Assistants assist in the development and maintenance of marketing and promotional items within the department. He/she promotes Campus Recreation activities, events, and schedules through social media, publications, and digital signage. Marketing team members serve as departmental representatives at involvement fairs, university held special events, and orientation sessions. The Marketing team works closely with all areas to ensure promotion of all Campus Recreation events.


Ensure the safety of all participants in and around the Student Recreation Center Aquatics Facility. Respond quickly to all emergency situations including administration of emergency care to any person injured in the Aquatics Facility area and promptly complete, or assist in the completion of accident and/or incident report. Establish and maintain good customer service and provide assistance in a courteous manner at all times.

Aquatics Supervisor
Aquatics Supervisors will determine lifeguard station assignments, rotation intervals, maintain daily records and facility checks, coordinate emergency procedures, ensure proper set-up/tear-down for various user groups, motivate and delegate assignments and tasks to fellow lifeguards, write-up poor, late, no-shows or outstanding performance reports on lifeguards and communicate this to the Assistant Director/Aquatics and Program Assistant/Aquatics. In order to be considered a candidate for the Aquatics Supervisor position, the Team Member must be in good standing and must have been a Department of Campus Recreation Lifeguard for a minimum of one year.

Competitive Sports

Soccer Official


Supervisors are responsible for the facilitation and monitoring of all Intramural Sports and Sport Club programs and events. Supervisors are expected to work afternoons, evenings and weekend hours. These individual are hired yearly and require certification in American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED. Additionally, site managers are required to attend bi-weekly training sessions and all offered sports officiating clinics. Applications are available at the Student Recreation Center or on line. If you have any questions, please stop by the Campus Recreation office

Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all outdoor facilities operated by the Department of Campus Recreation. Their primary role is to maintain the facilities to provide for safe and attractive facilities for program participants to use during activities. Secondary job duties include assisting with special projects and events.

Sport Officials
Sport officials are responsible for the management of all on field activities for the IM Sports program. Sports officials’ primary role is to maintain sportsmanship, safety, and uphold all rules during scheduled contests. Secondary duties include the attending of training clinics and meetings, assisting with activity set-up/break-down and other duties assigned.

NOTE: Intramural Sports Officials are not required to attend the above training sessions. For details on the hiring process for becoming a Sport Official please visit the Intramural Sports web page.



Building Manager WorkingBuilding Manager
The Building Manager is responsible for the daily operation of the Student Recreation Center. This person must be knowledgeable of all policies of the Campus Recreation operation and make decisions based on previous experience, general philosophy and mission of the department. The Building Manager oversees student employees in the absence of the professional staff, administers the policies and procedures of the department and is a general “trouble-shooter” within the facility.

Lobby Desk Attendant
The Lobby Desk Attendant is responsible for the overall operation of the Lobby Desk during operating hours for the SRC. Major responsibilities will include providing customer service, facility access, equipment/towel checkout, and operating the cash register. The Lobby Desk Attendant will also process membership information, class registrations, and perform general clerical, maintenance, and custodial functions as necessary. The Lobby Desk Attendant works directly with members and guests, providing courteous, friendly and professional assistance.

Operations Assistant
The Operations Assistant is responsible for assisting in the the overall maintenance and housekeeping/cleanliness of the Student Recreation Center. The operations assistant is also responsible for maintaining a safe and clean environment for our patrons, visitors, and members.

Recreation Assistant
The Recreation Assistant is responsible for assisting the Building Manager, Lobby Desk Attendants, and Operations staff. These team members are trained in Lobby Desk and Operations so they can assist accordingly. They continuously walk throughout the facility and assist patrons and staff as needed. Recreation Assistants direct patrons to appropriate locations, help maintain a clean facility, and act as a second responder to the Building Manager.

Seahawk Adventures

Town Creek Kayaking


Challenge Course Facilitator
Challenge Course Facilitators assist in the planning and implementation of individual programs that include games, initiatives, low ropes and/or high ropes. They are responsible for facilitating each element on the course in a safe, educational and fun manner to meet participants' needs.

Climbing Wall Facilitator
Climbing Wall Facilitators are responsible for assisting members with climbing wall equipment, belaying climbers, and creating a safe and fun environment. The climbing wall supervisor will accomplish this by providing information, training and supervision. These students are on duty to stress safety and encourage patrons.

Adventure Recreation Assistant
The Adventure Recreation Assistant is responsible for handling all daily office operations of Seahawk Adventures. This includes assisting in all programs details and receptionist duties regarding activity sign-ups, challenge course reservations, equipment rentals and promotion, maintenance of all adventure programs, and assisting in administration of the program.

Trip Leader
Trip Leaders are students that have completed Trip Leader Training. Trip Leaders provide safe and effective leadership for the educational and recreational trips that make up the adventure series.

Seahawk Fitness

Fitness EmployeeFitness Attendant
Fitness attendants oversee the fitness center in the Student Recreation Center. Attendants provide basic exercise instruction, spotting, equipment operation information, and excellent customer service. Supervisory positions are also available and are generally promoted from within our Attendant team.

Personal Trainer*
Personal Trainers develop personalized exercise programs for individuals or groups and assist them during their workouts. Trainers encourage lifelong adherence to a health and fitness program through realistic goal setting and education. Trainers provide fitness assessments, work in in the fitness center to promote themselves and Seahawk Fitness, and assist with special events.

Group Exercise Instructor*
Group Exercise Instructors teach a wide variety of safe and exciting classes for patrons of all fitness levels. Instructors are given the opportunity to specialize in multiple formats including strength, cardio, and mind-body. They also lead our Fitness2Go programming and assist with special events.

*These positions require certification from the American Council on Exercise (Personal Trainer or Group Exercise Instructor, respectively), preferably gained at the completion of our Train to Be a Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor Preparation courses, offered by UNCW Campus Recreation.

* If you are interested in being a personal trainer or a group exercise instructor please be sure to see Carey Greenwood at the conclusion of the hiring session you choose to attend.

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