Men's Leadership Summit


UNCW 11th Annual Men's Summit

Teal Mountain

November 7th 10-4PM, 2015

Fisher Student Center

Registration: NOW OPEN

The UNCW Men's Summit is an annual conference held every November for UNCW male students, faculty and staff. The event is designed to give male student leaders the chance to discuss and explore the meanings of masculinity in our society. Rather than taking societal masculinity for granted, the Summit aims to shed a new light on American manhood in order to help our attendees begin to define their masculinity on their own terms, rather than allowing the fact they are a man dictate their attitudes and behaviors.

Each year, the Summit features a prominent male key-note speaker as well as a variety of workshops on topics that affect UNCW men. Past topics of discussion have included male body image, sexuality, homophobia, men and violence, sex and alcohol, gender stereotypes, and many more. Some of the main goals of the summit are:

Here are just a few of the amazing program titles and experts from the previous years:

Reading the Defense: Breaking Through the Invisible Defense Line
Facilitator: Reed T. Curtis
In football, players are taught to read the defense in order to find an opening that could allow a runner or receiver to break through the lines and bring the team closer to the end zone. In life, men are often taught that an invisible defensive line exists. This line, or social stigma, often defines what roles, paths, and opportunities men explore. In college, it is vital that men learn to break through these lines in order to succeed. This presentation will discuss ways in which perceived barriers can limit success and the strategies men can take to break through.


From Super Mario to Tomb Raider: Women in Games
Presenter: Justin Wojcik
Sorry, your princess is in another castle. Let’s discuss the evolution of the portrayal of women in games, from the damsels in distress to the heroines. Learn how far (and how little) the female image in gaming has grown.


How Is Pornography Impacting Our Lives and Relationships?
Presenter: Dr. Chadwick Roberts
Few can deny the ubiquitous and pervasive nature of pornography in American culture. This discussion will take on the troubling link between pornography and manhood in the U.S. We will preface our discussion by drawing on the work of Gail Dines, Robert Jensen, Pamela Paul, and several other scholars who have examined the impact of pornography on our culture, our relationships, as well as our health and sexual satisfaction. Particular focus will be placed on creating the opportunity for constructive dialogue about the issue among men at the summit and facilitating similar conversations between men and their partners in the future.

Playing Well With Others: Emotional Intelligence and the Three C’s – Communication, Collaboration, and Confidence
Presenter: Dr. Sonja Ardoin
Leadership is a lifelong learning and growth process involving many different types of skills. Research shows that men need to improve their emotional intelligence, particularly communication, collaboration, and confidence (vs. arrogance), in order to become more effective leaders. This session will explore “getting out of the man box” and ideas for further developing the three C’s.

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For additional information, or if you're interested in creating and presenting a program for the Summit, please contact: Adam W.Hall (910-962-7004 /

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