How To Work a Job Fair and Other Networking Events

There are things you should definitely do to make the job fair or employer networking event work for you.  networkingEmployers attend career events for several reasons: to increase awareness of their organization; to provide career information; to increase their applicant pool; and to locate good candidates for internships and jobs they are trying to fill now or in the future.  In today’s tough economic times, networking is more important than ever before, so be sure to follow these tips on how to prepare and to present yourself to have a more successful career event experience. 

Immediately after the career event, follow-up with a handwritten thank-you note, or with a phone call / email to the people with whom you spoke.  Following up in a timely manner shows your professionalism and makes a positive impression.  As stated earlier, treat the career event like an interview and make a great first impression.


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