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What is Political Science?

Political science is an academic and research discipline that deals with the theory and practice of politics and the description and analysis of political systems and political behavior.

Forensic Science Information


Related Career Titles

Federal Government

Civilian Consultant to…
Assistant Secretary of State for…
Deputy Undersecretary of…
Officer, FBI
Secretary, Department of…
Teacher, Overseas School for…
Program Analyst
Management Auditor
Tax Inspector
Foreign Service Officer/Specialist
Budget Analyst
GAO Evaluator
Public Affairs Specialist
Intelligence Specialist, CIA
Staff Aid, Congressional Committee
Information Technology Manager

State & Local Government

County Treasurer
County Council Member
Chief of Staff
Deputy Secretary
Assistant Chief of Police
Program Director
Legislative Coordinator, Mayor’s Office
State Personnel Officer
Juvenile Justice Specialist
State Chief Purchasing Officer
City Planner
Labor Relations Specialist
City Project Coordinator
Senior Criminologist
Assistant Budget Examiner
City Housing Administrator
City’s Coordinator of…
Supervisor, State Department of…

Nonprofit Organizations

Director, Nonprofit Agency
Field Officer, Human Rights Campaign
Public Relations Specialist
Director, Fund Raising
Research Analyst
Political Director
Budget Analyst
Program Manager


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Campaigns and Polling

Campaign Manager/Consultant
Political Director
Survey Researcher
Political Reporter
Director, Political Action Committee
Press Officer for Candidate
Issue Analyst
Political Consultant


Deputy Secretary to the Governor
Research Consultant
Assistant Chief of Police
Public Interest/Consumer Advocate
Broadcast/Newspaper Reporter
Public Policy Analyst
State Legislator\
CIA Inspector
Juvenile Justice Specialist
Labor Relations Specialist
Assistant Budget Examiner
Labor Union Official
Corporate Legal Counsel
Law Professor


Producer, Local Television News
Director of Corporate Public Affairs
Information Manager
Television Reporter
Press Officer
Public Affairs Research Analyst
Director of Surveys, Television Network



Government/Politics Teacher
Curriculum Developer/Supervisor
Education Reporter
College Professor
Student Affairs Administrator



Peace Corp Volunteer
International Banker
Analyst, CIA
International Research Specialist
Foreign Service Officer
Press Officer
Strategic Planning Specialist
Director of International Marketing
Policy Analyst
Field staff
Agent, International Bureau, FBI
Consultant to Multinational Corporations
International Correspondent


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Related Major Skills

Oral & written communication Interact with diverse populations
Decision-making Able to develop & market ideas
Problem-solving Understanding of community needs
Analytical thinking Computer literate
Research skills Team worker
Leadership abilities Work well under pressure

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Federal Government Job Search Links

Federal Government Jobs http://www.dcjobsource.com/fed.html

Federal Job Search http://www.federaljobsearch.com

Federal Jobs Net http://www.federaljobs.net

FedJobs http://www.fedjobs.com/

Government Departments and Agencies http://www.firstgov.gov/Agencies/Federal/All_Agencies/index.shtml

Govtjobs.com http://www.govtjobs.com

National Security Agency http://www.nsa.gov/careers

StudentJobs.gov http://www.studentjobs.gov/

U.S. Government Manual http://www.gpoaccess.gov/gmanual/index.html

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State & Local Government

Council of State Governments http://www.statenews.org

GovJobs http://www.govjobs.net

GovSpot http://www.govspot.com

International City/County Management Association http://www.icma.org

Local Government Institute http://www.lgi.org

National Association of Counties http://www.naco.org

National Conference of State Legislatures http://www.ncsl.org

National League of Cities http://www.nlc.org

State and Local Government on the Net http://www.statelocalgov.net

State and Local Governments http://www.loc.gov/rr/news/stategov/stategov.html

U.S. Conference of Mayors http://www.usmayors.org

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Nonprofit Organizations

See What Can I Do With A Major In Social Work

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Campaigns and Polling

American Association of Political Consultants http://www.theaapc.org

American Presidency Project http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee http://www.dccc.org

GWU’s Semester in Washington http://www.gwu.edu/%7Esiw

National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee http://www.nrcc.org

Political Resources on the Net http://www.politicalresources.net/usa1.htm

Project Vote Smart http://www.vote-smart.org/index.htm

Republican National Committee http://www.rnc.org


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Law Related Links

American Bar Association, http://www.abanet.org/?gnav=global_home

Association of American Law Schools, http://www.aals.org/

Association of Corporate Counsel, http://jobs.acca.com/search/browse/

Association of Trial Lawyers of America, http://www.atlanet.org/

Attorney Jobs, http://www.attorneyjobs.com

Counsel.net, http://counsel.net/jobs/

FindLaw, http://careers.findlaw.com

Internet Legal Rasearch Group, http://www.ilrg.com/pre-law.html

LawInfo Career Center, http://jobs.lawinfo.com

LawJobs, http://www.lawjobs.com

Lawyers Weekly Jobs, http://www.lawyersweeklyjobs.com

Legal Employment, http://www.legalemploy.com

National Association for Law Placement, http://www.nalp.org

National Bar Association, http://www.nationalbar.org

National Center for State Courts, http://www.ncsc.org/

National Federation of Paralegal Associations, http://www.paralegals.org

NC Bar Association, http://www.ncbar.org/

NC Court System, http://www.nccourts.org/Citizens/Jobs

U.S. Courts, http://www.uscourts.gov/Home.aspx

WashLaw, http://www.washlaw.edu

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Public Policy

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, http://www.cbpp.org/

Global Policy Forum, http://www.globalpolicy.org/

Public Agenda, http://www.publicagenda.org/pages/career-opportunities

Think Tanks, http://www.lib.umich.edu/govdocs/psthink.html


Miscellaneous Links

American Political Science Association (eJobs), http://www.apsanet.org/section_74.cfm

American Political Science Association, http://www.apsanet.org

Careers In Government, http://www.careersingovernment.com/index.cfm?page=jobSearch

Governmental and Political Science Resources, http://www.educationindex.com/poli_sci/

Political Science Quarterly, http://www.psqonline.org

Richard Kimber’s Political Science Resources, http://www.psr.keele.ac.uk/

Southern Political Science Association, http://www.spsa.net/

Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars, http://www.twc.edu/

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