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The mission of the Latino Alliance of Southeastern North Carolina is to build a stronger network among people and organizations that serve the Hispanic/Latino community in the region, and to empower local citizens and organizations that serve the Hispanic/Latino community by creating positive change in areas of education, business, health care, safety, and community building. Led by the University of North Carolina Wilmington, the Latino Alliance currently serves the role of a network and a platform from which to access resources, share information, and discuss issues, both of progress and of challenges still to overcome.


Next Latino Alliance Meeting

October 25 • 12:30pm - See details below. 

Latino Alliance


CATHOLIC CHARITIES hosted our monthly Latino Alliance meeting last September. Patricia Gutierrez Tootoo shared the many ways in which Catholic Charities serves the community and opportunities to get involved with her organization.  Our host also provided a delicious lunch. There were several new attendees who were able to network and meet other members of the community. For more information, visit Catholic Charities website

September Attendees

CFCC CAREER READINESS DEPARTMENT - FALL 2016 CLASSES. To learn more about meeting times and/or register for upcoming session, please call 910-363-7324 or by the office on the Wilmington campus, room S-102

A safe place.  A Safe Place, focuses on prevention, advocacy, and restoration to assist victims of commercial sexual exploitation and domestic sex trafficking. For more information, visit http://www.asafeplacetogo.com/what-we-do

Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo representative shared about their financial literacy resources. 

Parents as Teachers. Education on parenting. Find more information at  parentsasteachers.org

Jeff Widdinson: Immigration Law Specialist. Find more information at http://www.mckinneyimmigration.com/attorneys/jeffrey-b-widdison/

Smart Start: Information about Blockfest. For more information visit www.newhanoverkids.org

Phillipians 3 Ministries. Find more information about clothing for job opportunities at 910-617-4595.

A Bike for Every Child. FInd more information at http://www.abikeforeverychild.org/.

Recovery Resource Center. Find more information at http://harrelsoncenter.org/our-partners/recovery-resource-center

Operation Pretty Things. Find more information at http://www.operationprettythings.org/

MI CASA Mentoring Program. Find more information at http://uncw.edu/centrohispano/MiCasa.html

Interested in hosting our next Latino Alliance meeting? Contact María Elena Gaborov at gaborovfreitesm@uncw.edu for details.