Residency Appeals Board 2014-2015


Carolyn Andrews, Randall Library
Beth Bridger, Athletics
Barbie Cowan, Transition Programs
Andrea Dorow, Transitions Programs
Angela Douglas, Public & International Affairs
Debbie Dowd, Health & Applied Sciences
Amy Evans, Human Resources
Jennifer Fernandez-Villa, International Prog.
Nadine Flint, Student Accounts
Tamsen Foote, College of Arts & Sciences
Stephanie Ganser, University College
Megan Gorham, University Advancement
Frederick Holding, Scholarships & Financial Aid
Kara Pike Inman, International Programs
Jon Kapell, Campus Activities & Involvement Center
Beth Kaylor, Randall Library
Konstantine Kyriacopoulos, Watson College of Education
Denise Ousley, Watson College of Education
Diane Melroy, Biology & Marine Biology
Steven W. Miller, Office of General Counsel
Thom Rakes, Career Center (Chair)
Susan Simmons, Mathematics & Statistics
Laura Spivey, Health & Applied Human Sciences
Adrianne Swinney, Athletics
Susan Thornhill, Office of the Registrar
Martin Wasserberg, Watson College of Education
Mark Werbeach, Nursing
Sandy Williford-King, Athletics
Carly Wilson, University College


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