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Rob Hancock

2013 is the Centenary of the award of the Nobel Prize to Alfred Werner for his founding of modern Inorganic Chemistry. The journal Chemical Society Reviews* is putting out an issue dedicated to Alfred Werner in 2013, and has invited 20 Inorganic chemists from around the world to contribute an article to the special issue. Our own Dr. Rob Hancock, DeLoach Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, has been asked to contribute. In response, Rob commented “I am quite proud of this recognition of my work, and I believe it depends quite strongly on the work I have done here at UNCW”.

Most Read Article


Melissa Southwell

Melissa Southwell, a former postdoc, is lead author on a paper co-authored by four of our MACRL faculty and two students that is on the most-read articles list for the journal Marine Chemistry ( ). The list goes back to papers as late as 1974.


Grants News



Paulo Almeida

Paulo Almeida has been awarded a NIH AREA grant in the amount of $190,000 (direct costs), on The Mechanism of Amphipathic and Cargo-Delivery Peptides. This is the second renewal, for an additional 3 years, of the NIH grant that Dr. Almeida has had as Principal Investigator since 2005. Hee-Seung Lee, also from our Department, is a collaborator on the current renewal. The success rate for AREA grant applications is on the order of 10%.



Ralph Mead

Ralph N. Mead, Brooks Avery, Bob Kieber and Steve Skrabal were recently awarded $678,515 from the Chemical Oceanography program at NSF to investigate The photochemical transformations of algal toxins (PbTx-2, PbTx-3 and microcystin-LR) on resuspended sediments in coastal ecosystems.



Second TUES grant


Nathan Grove

Nathan Grove, our newest assistant professor, has been awarded a NSF TUES Type 2 grant in the amount of $126,662. This is the second NSF grant that Nathan has received since coming to UNCW, an accomplishment that is particularly noteworthy in light of the fact that the success rate for TUES grants is on the order of 5%.




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