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What's in the commons?


Collaboration Areas and Group Meeting Rooms - choice of 4 rooms


Computer Work Stations - 5 computer terminals


Plug-in Kiosks - 4 spaces with 8 plug-ins


I-Print - 1 printer


Lounge Plus - refrigerator, microwaves, Keurig and regular coffee pot, vending machines, as well as couches, chairs, and tables


Student Learning Commons


CHHS Student Learning Center

… a dedicated space to support students' learning
... first floor of McNeill Hall in Rooms 1052-1059
... a full-service learning, research, and project space
... areas for group meetings
... tools to support creative efforts as needed

Come study, meet or relax!!

Reservations are required only for large events or gatherings, otherwise, it is available on a first-come, first-occupy basis.

for reservations, please contact Peggy Wichmann.

Students in CHHS Student Learning Center CHHS Student Learning Center

Computer Work Stations and I-Print Printer

CHHS Student Learning Center Student Learning Center Lounge

SMART Meeting Room and Lounge Area

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