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BIO 480 : Spring 2014

Field studies in biology


Day 08 | Saturday, March 8, 2014

The sun came out today! What glorious sun! Ah, it felt so great not to have to layer and/or to stand shivering from the cold, wind, or rain. Too bad we didn’t get to spend that much time outside today, but because we were all in better spirits we finished off our trip with smiling faces.

First we went back to visit the historic Old Burying Ground graveyard in Beaufort to get a better view than the night before when it was dark. We also wanted to check on the little girl’s grave to see if any of the toys placed on her grave were moved or rearranged. It is said that the toys of the girl that was buried in a barrel of rum have been found to be misplaced and spread out as if they had been played with. Spooky. Unfortunately, well luckily, nothing seemed to be out of place as we compared a photo we took the night before to her grave from today. Her grave was not the only one with a story behind it. Others included soldiers from the War of 1812, ancestors who traveled on the Mayflower, those who died of yellow fever, and shipwrecked sailors. We also took a picture in front of a Chadwick family’s tombstone in memory of a soldier in the armed forces.

After visiting the peaceful graveyard with some beautiful resurrection fern (how fitting) growing along the branches of the old trees, we made our way over to the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium. As we started our trip with a visit to an aquarium, we finished it off full circle. We got to see some more river otters, which many of us love with the bottom of our hearts. We also had a great time watching the exhibit of snakes and learning about what is true and what is false about these fascinating creatures.
We had our last meal together for lunch before heading on our way back home to Wilmington. It was a great trip and we sure learned a lot, but I’m sure that we all are glad to be back.



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