CMS Research :: 2013 South Atlantic/Caribbean Meeting

The South Atlantic and Caribbean Meeting, put together by the Governor's South Atlantic Alliance (GSAA), was held to forge firmer ties among scientists and government officials who work on ocean and coastal issues in these regions. The Southeastern coast of the United States and nations in the Caribbean have much in common and by hearing different perspectives and sharing insights, could find opportunities for joint research projects that would not only bring together people and natural common interests, but also save resources by concentrating research efforts rather than spreading them among disparate, but similar, projects.

The 2013 meeting was held in Wilmington, NC which allowed several CMS researchers to take part. Below is the final meeting report and a few selected presentations.

2013 Meeting Final Report [pdf]

PowerPoint Presentations
Centro de Investigaciones de Ecosistimas Costeros (CIEC)
Future of Reefs in a Changing Environment (FORCE)
Hurricane Building Damage Reduction in the U.S.
U.S. Marine Fisheries Management

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Dr. James Leutze
Chancellor Emeritus
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