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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dear COM, PCOM and COM 105 students,

Welcome Back!  Congratulations to our newest COM majors—welcome to one of the most powerful and versatile majors you can choose. Don’t forget the Gateway stuff as you move into your areas of specialty!  (oh, and keep the APA guide and public speaking textbooks: you will need them . . .)

To those of you who are now PCOM: We send out this bulletin once week to highlight news, deadlines, and opportunities you need to know about.  It will take just 2 minutes or so to read and could change your life. 


Key Dates for COM and PCOM:


‘Pre-Professional Programs’ is on Facebook.  If you are thinking about law, health, and similar professions after UNCW consider liking the UNCW Pre-Professional Programs Facebook page. This provides students with current information regarding graduate programs, application process updates, test preparation programs and so much more.

Note: This does not replace the pre-health and pre-law bi-weekly newsletters distributed during the school year. Newsletters will continue to be focused on campus workshops, programs and courses just for UNCW students. If they have not signed up already, they can enroll with us today at www.uncw.edu/preprofessional to receive 2 newsletters a month from us.


“Why, yes, I am basically your wish list.”  Check out this two-page document from Career Services that summarize lots of research about what employers are looking for.  So, send this to Uncle Stevie who is always teasing you about your major.  It’s basically a celebration of our major in two pages—“Do you like apples Uncle Stevie?  How about THEM apples!”  #dropthemic #comrocks.



The Internship:  If you are hoping to do in internship in COM someday (and who wouldn’t?!?), please check out our website that explains all the details.  The KEY: make sure you’ve taken COM course work that directly prepares you for the internship!  Internships are field experiences to apply the course work.  You can also check out what alumni have to say about internships here: http://uncw.edu/com/academics/internships.html


Think you know everything about COM? Think again!

We are teaming up with COM alumni to bring you helpful tips and inspiration throughout the semester.

Matthew Harris is currently in the COM Alumni Spotlight. Matt graduated from UNCW in 2010 with a degree in Communication Studies and is now the Sports Director for WTVY/WRGX (CBS/NBC) in Dothan, Alabama. Here is a glimpse at what he wanted to share with all of our COM and potential COM majors!

What was your favorite class in the COM Department? Why?
It’s so difficult to name just one class as a favorite. Communication Studies as a whole plays such a vital role in where I am and what I do today. If I had to pick one class I’d have to say COM 268 – Broadcast Journalism I. It was a class that served as the foundation for what I do as a sports personality today.

But man, COM 101 with Phillip Bruschi, COM 220 with Tammy Bulger, COM 258 with Dave Bollinger, COM 380 with Dr. Bolduc... the list goes on, they’re all paramount to where I am today.

If you can’t make it into your dream class this semester, sign up for a different COM course. We know Matt will back us up when we say any COM course has the ability to stimulate your mind and impact your future.

Check out the link to see more: http://www.uncw.edu/com/alumni/month.html *

*This page is updated every 3 months so keep checking back! Also find links to previous Alumni Spotlight entries at the bottom of the Alumni Spotlight page.


Two things to think on: First, I recently read an article about a panel of experts giving a talk at a top university.  The auditorium was filled with students and fellow experts.  The author noted that the only folks taking notes in the room … were the other experts!  So, if Warren Buffet is going to take notes, you probably should too.  Learn how you need to take notes to have useful takeaways in class and beyond.  Second, I ran cross-country back in the day and do you know the main difference between top runners and so, so runners (like me)?  How long they can sustain that initial sprint.  Poet T.S. Eliot wrote “In my beginning is my end” So: get off to a good start!

Peace out,    

Dr. Olsen, Chair

Communication Studies

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