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Thursday, October 24, 2014

Dear COM, PCOM and COM 105 students,

Less information than last week but just as important… take a minute to check it out!

You Gotta Vote, Right? Symbolizing civic duty and community engagement, COM 352: Election Campaign Communication, is holding the Inaugural Run to the Polls event on October 30, bringing members of the UNCW-area community together as they run, walk, or bike from campus to the Board of Elections to take part in early voting together. Run to the Polls will offer entertainment, food and prizes, as well as feature Mayor Bill Saffo, who will open the event at 5:15 p.m. The event seeks to encourage the UNCW-area community to become informed, engaged voters. Registration tables will be held around campus up until the event’s date; cost is free with an optional upgrade fee of $5 for T-shirt and reception. Check out Run to the Poll’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for specified times. Participants can also register day-of event. For more information on participation in this event, contact Dr. Jennifer Brubaker, 962-7869 or brubakerj@uncw.edu.


THANK YOU to everyone who ROCKED out for a great cause last Friday at the 8th annual Rock for a Cure benefit! The event raised more than $5,000 for the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Foundation’s Pink Ribbon Project (we’re still waiting on auction item proceeds to come in before we have a final number)! Thanks to the Schoolboys and COM Studies senior Perry James DeLuke for providing awesome tunes! Thanks to everyone who volunteered at the event, came out to our Might as Well fundraiser, and baked or sold goods to help us reach our fundraising goal! Congratulations to event coordinators Kelsey MacDaniel, Karina Villalobos, Taylor Waddell, and Jamie Walton on wrapping up 5 months of hard work! Keep checking our website (www.uncw.edu/rockforacure) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/UNCWrockforacure) as we begin to post photos. For a look at some of our media coverage, check out the “Media” section of our website.


Internships: The Scripps Howard Foundation Semester in Washington program is seeking interns for Spring and Summer 2015. Interns cover Washington and may also report for campus, hometown or other news organizations. Interns work with an experienced editor to choose, report and edit stories. Interns produce multimedia stories using social media, blogs, online stories, videos and slideshows. This is a paid internship with free housing in furnished apartments. Apply at www.shfwire.com. Click on “apply” and “reporting internship”


Are There Jobs in Family Comm? Yes and ECU has a graduate program that can help you land one! They are having their annual marriage and family therapy recruitment fair, TOMORROW, October 24th at the ECU Family Therapy Clinic 612 East Tenth St. in Greenville from 10 am –noon. Call 252-737-1415 for further details or directions.


Pre-registration is Coming! Have you paid your fines? It’s no good having your super-secret registration code if you haven’t paid your library fine or parking tickets or… Next thing you know you’re competing with Freshmen for an 8 am class you don’t even need because all the classes from MMOM are full!



FOOD DAY WILMINGTON - UNCW Public Sociology,Feast Down Eastand its partners invite the community to participate inFood Day Wilmington. The main event will be held TOMORROW, October 24, from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at the UNCW Amphitheater. Food Day is a nationwide celebration of, and movement toward, more healthy, affordable and sustainable food.Food Day Schedule: http://www.feastdowneast.org/Food%20Day%202013%20-%20Oct%2024%20Agenda.pdf

For more information on Food Day, a nationwide celebration and movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food, seehttp://www.foodday.org/.


Action and Identity. A lot of us are on a journey to figure who we are and who we want to be. My wife worked for a millionaire recently and one of his goals is to earn 100 million dollars. He has this goal not because he needs the money but because he is on a quest to “become the kind of man that can earn and handle 100 million dollars” as he put it. While money would not be my goal, the way he framed his challenge is interesting. What kind of a person do you need to become to live the life you say you want to live? While your circumstances are not always under your control, your identity often is.

Peace out,

Dr. Olsen, Chair

Communication Studies

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