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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dear COM and PCOM Majors,

Finally! We have weather worth bragging about. Find a shady spot and read this news!


COM 438: Advertising 2 is managing the ETEAL Instagram Contest! All currently enrolled students are eligible – show us your applied learning experiences in you COM courses! Entries are due Monday, April 27 at 11:59 p.m. and prizes will be awarded at our ETEAL Celebration/Study Break on April 30 at noon in the Amphitheater.

Are you ready to show us how you do applied learning at UNCW? Are you ready to see all of the exciting applied learning opportunities both on our campus and across the world? Then you're ready to RETEAL YOUR STORY and enter the 2015 ETEAL Instagram Contest! All you need to do is submit photos or video of your applied learning experience to @UNCWETEAL on Instagram and you could win a number of amazing prizes! Here's how to participate:

Contest Entry

Step 1: Take a picture or Instagram video of your applied learning experience or idea

Step 2: Follow @UNCWETEAL on Instagram and tag us in the photo

Step 3: In the Caption, include your name, class standing, your instructor, and the course involved.

Also, be sure to read our Terms and Conditions for more details about eligibility, contest rules, and prizes.


PERFORMANCE TONIGHT! FOLK & PROTEST: THE POWER OF SONG, April 23-26, in the Leutze Hall television studio (125). This production celebrates the profound impact of music and lyrics as vibrant, persuasive communication. Along with literature on related themes, the show includes songs from three specific periods: Early American Heritage, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Vietnam War. You are welcome to “sing-along” with the cast. Students are Joe Baker, Blake Cissel, Tate DeCicco, Wesley Elder, Mikaela Fleming, Lauren Gehring, Kirk Robertson, Giselle Singletary, Dani Thompson, Melissa Williams, Tyler Wood, and Jay Young. Alumna are Julie Andrews and Taylor Yakowenko. Presented by COM 415: Performance Practicum.

FREE student tickets are available in the Department of Communication Studies main office (Leutze Hall 226). Show Times: Thursday (04/23), Friday (04/24) and Saturday (04/25) at 8:00pm, Sunday (04/26) at 2:00pm.


We've Come to the End of the Road...for CSS this year. Join us as we say goodbye to our graduating seniors with our presentation of cords during our final meeting of the year. We will also have a slideshow of our “Best of” moments of the fall and spring semester, and we'll select the future leaders of our organization with elections of officers for next year. Don't miss our end of the year send-off on Monday, April 27 at 6:00 pm in Leutze 143.


Provide Feedback, Help Future COM Majors! Not only do your faculty members enjoy positive feedback but they also make use of helpful critical feedback which could potentially improve a course for future COM majors. So take a few minutes to reflect on your semester and complete the online IDEA forms for each of your courses.


Follow the link and log on with your UNCW username and password to complete the form for each of your courses. Some courses may not be available yet so check back later!


Service Hours Opportunities for Students. Professor Frank Trimble is seeking box office personnel and ushers for FOLK & PROTEST: THE POWER OF SONG. Easy, but important, work. Need three or four students prior to each of the four performances. As such, their obligation would be 7:00 - 8:00 pm Thursday, Friday, or Saturday or 1:00 - 2:00 pm Sunday. Interested? Contact Frank Trimble, trimblef@uncw.edu


Internships Summer and Fall 2015

If you participated in COM Studies Day you heard our graduates talking about the importance of completing at least one internship while you are in school. Don’t believe our graduates then what about this, “In an Associated Press article, reporter Emily Fredrix quotes Philip D. Gardner, research director of the Collegiate Employment Research Institute, as saying that internship experience is ‘just one of those things you have to have before employers will even consider looking at your resume.’ (Hansen)”

Karen Hansen, PhD includes the above quote in reason #1 of 13 on why you need an internship in her article College Students: You Simply Must Do an Internship (Better Yet: Multiple Internships)! Reason #4 in her article is that you might be able to earn college credit for the internship. You can earn college credit for the internship. Our COM 498 can fulfill 3 hours of COM Additional Required Courses at the 300/400 level. And COM 498 can fulfill your Explorations Beyond the Classroom (EBC) requirement.

COM 498 – Internship in Communication Studies, is available every semester. I know it doesn’t show on Seanet but it is offered Spring, Summer, and Fall. Minimum eligibility requirements are that you must be a Junior/Senior COM Major (at least 60hrs earned) with at least an overall GPA of 2.5 to earn credit for an internship.

The purpose of an internship and the EBC requirements are that you can articulate how your coursework has prepared you for the internship, that your coursework provides the base for the projects you assist with at your internship site, and that you are aware of how your work impacted the internship site. This leads to the second level of eligibility – you must have the COM Studies coursework to support an internship.

One opportunity I have is to work with Thalian Hall and help develop their new social media campaign in which “the greek muse Thalia (afterwhom Thalian Hall is named) is personified and given individual pages… with the goal of creating corporate personality that is more relatable to patrons.” I have advertising agencies looking for summer and fall interns. I have nonprofits contacting me about internships.

Interested in participating in an internship this summer or fall. Start at the link below, apply to be an intern and then meet with me. I look forward to working with you.


Tammy Bulger



See if you can spot a future star. TealTV will be airing its newest sitcom, "VIP: Very Insignificant People" every Thursday from April 9th-May 7th on their YouTube Channel UNCWTealTV! The show follows six, dare I say it, insignificant friends and their adventures in college.


Rick Warren, author of the most popular non-fiction book of all time noted the following:

If you want to stand out at work, you need to be likeable. If people don’t like you, they’re not going to trust you, and they certainly won’t promote you.

A lot of people think that likeability is just a matter of personality. You’re either a likable person or you’re not.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Likeability is not personality; it’s character. It’s behavior. It’s how you choose to relate to other people. Likeability is possessing the attractive attitudes — and those are choices — and the relational skills that cause others to want to work with you.

So, as you navigate the stress of the end of the semester push, remember that core skills and adapting to others Forte profiles and using the skills you’ve learned in COM 101, 220, 223, etc. are ultimately choices and habits you need to cultivate not simply to get things done but to BECOME a great human being. BTW: great people tend to do well in the workforce.

Dr. Olsen, Chair

Communication Studies

Key Dates for COM and PCOM:

Spring COM Scholarships - Applications due Friday, April 17


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