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Colin Beavan's Opinion Article in Response to the Oil Spill - New York Daily News, July 11, 2010


"The No Impact Experiment changed Colin Beavan and reading No Impact Man will change you." - Annie Leonard, creator of "The Story of Stuff"

"There's something inspiring about a smart, committed person coming to an elegantly simple conclusion." - Los Angeles Times

"Profound... Beavan's project has significant emotional and ecological theft. No Impact Man works, most of all, because Beavan is intelligent, funny, provocative, and, above all, honest." - The Philadelphia Inquirer

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No Impact Man by Colin Beavan

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"As an experiment, I'd simply dedicate a year of my life to researching, developing, and adopting a way of life for me and my small family... to live in the heart of New York City while causing as little harm to the environment as possible. What would that feel like? Was it possible to live environmentally in our modern culture? Would it seem so unappealing that no one would follow my lead? Would I be making myself into a freak? Or would what I was doing have some real value?." - No Impact Man, page 14

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