Departmental Receipting


Departmental Receipting Privileges Form


REGISTRATION AND APPROVAL FOR DEPARTMENTAL RECEIPTING PRIVILEGES: All departments intending to receive cash, checks and/or credit cards as part of their normal operation must request departmental receipting privileges from the Controller and receive advance approval. See "Controller's Office, Forms" at left and from the Forms available choose "Request Departmental Receipting Privileges."


INITIAL RECEIPTING PRIVILEGES: To request initial receipting privileges, complete the "Request for Departmental Receipting Privileges" form located on the Controller's website under the FORMS link. You will receive an email notification once the form has been approved.


RECEIPTING PRIVILEGES -YEARLY RENEWALS & CHANGES: When receipting purposes change, when there are receipting staff changes or at the yearly renewal time, departments must notify the Controller by submitting a new request for receipting privileges. Departmental receipting privileges must be renewed annually. The form titled "Request for Departmental Receipting Privileges" is located on the Controller's website under the FORMS link. Individuals are required to take RECT 201 before receipting privileges will be granted. It is also required that individuals retake this training annually.


The Controller’s Office deposits cash and checks for all External Invoices and Contract & Grant invoices.  THESE CHECKS MUST BE HAND-CARRIED TO THE CONTROLLER’S OFFICE.  UNIVERSITY POLICY DOES NOT ALLOW CHECKS TO BE SENT THROUGH THE INTERCOMPANY MAIL.

***If payment for an External Invoice or Grant payment is deposited at the department level, the person responsible may be required to retake RCT201 Deposit Transmittals, or may lose receipting privileges altogether. If you are uncertain about depositing any check, please contact Marcia White at 2-2190 to determine whether the check is for an External Invoice or a Grant.***

If you have received a check that is a payment for:

If you have received checks or cash that are payments for anything other than one of the above invoices, and you:

  Please refer any questions to Marcia White, ext. 22190 or

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