Alcohol Statistics

On this page: How much do UNCW students drink? How often? What are the risks? What about drinking and driving? And Resources. These statistics are from our Fall 2014 Substance Use survey, completed online by a random representative sample of 572 students. Extensive data and more information can be obtained by contacting CROSSROADS at 962-4136.

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How much?

How many drinks do you have on average when you go out/party/socialize with other students?

How many drinks do you consume on average in a week?

How often do you mix alcohol and energy drinks?

Days in the past month Pre-mixed alcoholic energy drinks (4Loko, Sparks) Mixed alcohol and energy drinks yourself
0 days 93.71% 82.64%
1-3 days 4.14% 12.30%
4-6 days 0.72% 2.89%
7 or more days 1.44% 2.16%

How often?

“Binge drinking” is generally defined as having five or more drinks for men and four or more women in about two hours. The national average according to the NIAAA is 45%. At UNCW, 41.78% of students report binge drinking in the last two weeks and 15.38% of students have binged three or more times in the last two weeks.

What are the risks?

Students who drink more per occasion or more often per week increase their risk of experiencing consequences related to their alcohol use. Most UNCW students use protective strategies and take care of their friends to avoid consequences when they drink.

During the last year, have you experienced the following due to your drinking and drug use?

Consequence Never Once Twice 3 or more
Had a hangover 58.28% 19.55% 10.61% 11.55%
Performed poorly on a test or project 84.43% 10.51% 3.38% 1.69%
Felt nauseated or vomited 75.86% 15.52% 5.36% 3.26%
Done something I later regretted 77.72% 12.73% 4.68% 4.87%
Experienced memory loss or blackout 79.02% 10.21% 5.86% 4.92%
Failed to use safe sex practices 90.98% 5.26% 1.69% 2.07%

What About Drinking & Driving?

Looking for more information and resources?

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