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About CTE


The Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington is dedicated to assisting the University in fulfilling its commitment to strengthening undergraduate and graduate instruction. CTE recognizes that excellence in teaching is only achieved through teaching scholarship, which involves continuous scrutiny of course content and methods of instruction, knowledge of modern educational techniques and practices, and analysis of the effects of different teaching methods on student learning. Developing new courses and improving existing ones are fundamental to maintaining the integrity and vitality of the University's educational programs.

The mission of the Center for Teaching Excellence is to foster a campus-wide climate where teaching is highly valued, as well as provide leadership in the application of scholarship to teaching. CTE assumes that the primary responsibility for developing and improving educational programs resides with the faculty who, as teacher/scholars, possess both the knowledge of the disciplines and the skills to evaluate and implement effective instructional practices. CTE encourages efforts to achieve excellence in teaching by running programs for course development and improvement, implementing new instructional technologies, and providing support services.

In order to further enhance the resources of the Center for Teaching Excellence and to increase opportunities for professional development in teaching for UNCW faculty, CTE participates in a variety of resource-sharing consortia, both formal and informal, with the University of North Carolina system.  In addition, CTE participates in statewide and national associations that support the mission of improving higher education through professional development in teaching. 

The mission of CTE is specifically supportive, and participation by the faculty is entirely voluntary. The interaction between Center personnel and the faculty is confidential and separate from any formal assessment process of the University.

The Center for Teaching Excellence


  • Diana Ashe, Associate Professor and CTE Interim Director
  • Michele Parker, Associate Professor and CTE Interim Associate Director
  • Dianne Bass, Administrative Associate

Faculty Associates

  • Dr. Russ Herman, Professor and Chair, Physics and Physical Oceanography (CAS)
  • Dr. Colleen Reilly, Associate Professor, English (CAS)
  • Dr. Don Furst, Professor, Art and Art History (CAS)

Faculty Advisory Board

  • Dr. Tim Ballard, Associate Professor, Biology and Marine Biology (CAS)
  • Dr. Stuart Borrett, Assistant Professor, Biology and Marine Biology (CAS)
  • Dr. Deborah Brunson, Associate Professor, Communication Studies (CAS)
  • Dr. Don Bushman, Associate Professor, Chair, English (CAS)
  • Dr. Chris Dumas, Professor, Economics and Finance (CSB)
  • Dr. Diane Levy, Professor, Sociology and Criminology (CAS)
  • Dr. Michael Maume, Associate Professor, Sociology and Criminology (CAS)
  • Dr. Lisa Pollard, Associate Professor, History (CAS)
  • Dr. Steve Pullum, Professor, Communication Studies (CAS)
  • Dr. John Fischetti, Dean of Education and Human Development, Southeastern Louisiana University
  • EX-OFFICIO: Dr. Denise Battles, Provost


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