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Journal of Effective Teaching, Vol. 7, No. 1, 2007  

Courtney, J. P. (2007). A Review of Rewriting: How to do Things with Texts. The Journal of Effective Teaching, 7(1), 74-77. [Full Text]


Rewriting: How to do things with texts, by Joseph Harris, advises students, teachers, and writing professionals about the incorporation of outside sources, or voices, into academic student writing.  According to Harris, the focus of his book is not just an act of writing a paper again; it involves pushing students’ own learning and writing further.  Concepts of “moves” (specific suggestions Harris provides for this type of rewriting) guide his organizational choices as he discusses one revision “move” in each chapter.  This text fills a gap in the professional literature concerning revision because currently, according to Harris, there is little scholarship on “how to do it” (p. 7). While Harris does not cover all aspects of revision, he does provide a supplemental voice in the conversation regarding the teaching of the writing process.