Synergy: Integrating the Common Reading Experience into Any Classroom Program

Program Coordinator: Jenny Adams

The UNCW Common Reading Experience provides students with an opportunity for intellectual engagement through critical reading, critical thinking, and self-reflection. The program also provides students and faculty with a common experience that can be powerful and meaningful – outside and inside of the classroom. It is also a wonderful way to get students into the habit of reading.

Faculty are encouraged to participate in the Common Reading program in several ways. Most of all, read the selection and encourage other faculty and students to read as well. Share your ideas about the book and its themes with others in conversation and in the classroom. Attend Synergy events throughout the Fall, and encourage (or require) your students to attend. Share your expertise as a guest speaker through a Synergy event or recommend a title for future consideration. Contribute to a culture of reading and inquiry.

Faculty are particularly encouraged to incorporate the book, its themes, and/or the program into their courses. The selections will have a wide variety of themes, allowing for integration in most any course through interdisciplinary approaches and creative integration. In the past, some professors have used the book as a required text, having class discussions and related assignments. Others may just talk about the book and program and address the themes of the book as they relate to the course. Some may require attendance at a Synergy event or provide extra credit based on the reading or events. Other ideas include writing assignments, art and photo projects, research assignments, book reviews, service projects, and presentations.

For more program and book information, including numerous teaching and reading resources and event list, visit Contact Jenny Adams with questions –

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