The University of North Carolina Wilmington


Course Name and Number, Section Number

Dr. Faculty Member

Office Number, Building

Office Telephone # (may include other phone numbers, e-mail or fax addresses)

Office Hours: (at fixed times) and by appointment (optional).

Course Description/Course Objectives: (recommended)

Texts: (that are Required, Optional and/or Recommended)

A number of resources may serve as "texts" - books and articles of course, but also web sites, audio and audio-visual recordings, manuscripts, microfilm or other recorded format. Texts may be reserved in Randall Library, ordered from a bookstore for students to purchase, given out as handouts or otherwise made available. You should state how students may obtain them.

Course Requirements:

A general description of student performance requirements, including any or all of the following as appropriate:

attendance requirements

reading assignments

writing assignments (research papers, reports, lab reports, journals, etc.)

examinations, quizzes (and format if possible, e.g., whether essay, short answer, oral or other; dates; times; topics covered)

final examination

Grading Policy:

How each requirement is weighted in terms of significance to the final grade; whether or not you plan to use +/- grading scales, other information about your grading scale. A statement referring to the UNCW Academic Honesty Policy is required. At a minimum, you should state that the policy will be followed in your course and that it is documented in the Undergraduate Catalogue and in the Student Handbook.

Student Disabilities:

UNCW Disability Services supplies information about disability law, documentation procedures and accommodations that can be found at

To obtain accommodations the student should first contact Disability Services and present their documentation to the coordinator for review and verification.

Calendar of Course Events: (recommended)

You may wish to note assignment due dates; examination dates; dates on which specific topics will be discussed; guest speakers; co-curricular events that are relevant to the course, holidays on which no classes are held, Reading Day and the final examination date and time, as published in the Course Schedule for that semester. Dates which you may wish to take note of for yourself (though perhaps not include in your syllabus) are the last day to drop and class and the last day to withdraw.

Note: (1) You are not required to give final examinations per se, but it is required that you meet with your students during the time published in the Course Schedule that time is part of the mandated number of hours that your course must meet in order to meet its formal credit-hours requirements. You may arrange to have individual students take final examinations at other times convenient to you, but you may not re-schedule the entire examination.