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In order to keep our faculty informed and up-to-date on policies and procedures specific to Distance Education, we have compiled some pertinent information that may be of assistance while teaching for UNCW.


Office of e-Learning

The office of e-Learning offer a variety of services for online and web-enhanced course instructors. Services include one-on-one consultation, faculty-led colloquium sessions, socials, and course evaluations.

VTC Classroom Request

Onslow VTC Request

Faculty requiring a classroom with the VTC capabilities, allowing two-way video and audio transmissions with another campus classroom, will need to submit a written request via email to Mary Anne Tayloe or by phone at 910.451.5266.

All Other Sites

Please contact the the Information Technology Systems, Distance Education & Video Network Service office, for assistance with the following:

If you would like more information about UNCW's Distance Education and Video Network Services, contact Dan Noonan at or 910.962.3928.

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