Randall-Zullo Seminar Series and Events

The Department of Geography and Geology seminars are on Fridays in DeLoach 114, unless otherwise posted. Everyone is welcome and refreshments are served. For further information contact the seminar coordinator Dr. Andrea Hawkes.






January 16, 2015 Dr. Michael Fenster Randolph-Macon College

 Do empirical data support the "runaway" transgressive barrier island conceptual model under a regime of accelerated sea-level rise?

DL 114 4pm
February 20, 2015 Dr. Sarah Carmichael Appalachian State University

 Ocean anoxia and mass extinction in the late Devonian

DL 114 4pm
February 23, 2015

Neil Shubin

University of Chicago

Your Inner Fish

*Honors college spring speaker

Burney Center 7pm
April 10, 2015 Dr. Jane Willenbring University of Pennsylvania

Cosmogenic nuclides and erosion

DL 114 4pm
April 17, 2015  

G&G and Geoclub End of YEAR BBQ

Hugh MacRae Park

Hugh MacRae 4pm

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