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Curriculum Committee Course Change Forms & Info

The Curricular Change Process:

  • Faculty submit curricular changes to department for review.
  • Department approves proposed changes.
  • Curricular change forms and necessary syllabi are forwarded to Dr. McNulty.
  • Dr. McNulty forwards curricular forms to WCE curriculum committee.
  • WCE curriculum committee approves curricular change forms and/or requests additional information from the department.
  • Once approved by the dean, curricular change forms are forwarded to Teacher Education Council.
  • Once approved, curricular change forms are forwarded to University Curriculum Committee (for undergraduate courses) or Graduate Council (for graduate courses).
  • Once approved, curricular changes are forwarded to Faculty Senate and, finally, to the chief academic officer.

Refer to the Faculty Handbook for a complete explanation of the curricular change process for the university.

Curriculum Committee Members

Committee Chair
Kathleen Roney
Department of Elementary, Middle Level and Literacy Education

Terri Collins
Assistant Professor
Department of Early Childhood & Special Education

Candace Thompson
Assistant Professor
Department of Instructional Technology, Foundations and Secondary Education

William Sterrett
Assistant Professor
Department of Educational Leadership