Degrees & Licensure

Undergraduate Degree Programs

This degree leads to North Carolina teacher licensure in grades Kindergarten through six. (Student Learning Outcomes)

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Onslow Extension Program

UNCW operates an approved program in Onslow County on the Coastal Carolina Community College campus. The Onlsow County extension program began in 1995 with courses in elementary education and has expanded to include some of the courses toward licensure in all of the specialty areas. The UNCW extension program is characterized as an upper-division level curriculum with a combination of on-site, two-way interactive video, and Internet courses. To be eligible for the extension program an applicant must hold as a minimum an associate's degree or have 62 semester hours of college transfer credit. Students with four year degrees in other fields are also eligible.

Graduate Degree Programs

Master's of Education in Elementary Education

Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Elementary Education, Language and Literacy Education, Middle Grades Education, Special Education. The programs in these areas address the need for conceptual and procedural foundations for decision-making and for specific alternatives within the student's area of professional practice. The M.Ed. programs address the North Carolina Masters/Advanced Competencies requirements. Designed for individuals who have "A" level teaching licenses. (View the Program Sheet PDF)

Master of Arts In Teaching (M.A.T.) in Elementary Education

The Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) Program (Elementary Focus) is designed for students that already hold a bachelor's degree, but have little or no background in education. Successful completion of the program will lead to NC Elementary Education certification (K-6) and prepare educators to teach as elementary classroom teachers. Candidates graduate with their Master's Degree and M-Level teaching license. For more information, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Crawford ( Outcomes)