School Administration Licensure Only Program

To be eligible for consideration for the add-on licensure option, candidates must have:

  1. A master’s degree from a regionally accredited university
  2. A minimum of three years of teaching or other professional education experience
  3. A current North Carolina educator’s license


Program: 9 credits of course work plus 15 credits of internship

License only students must take 12 credits of coursework outlined in the existing MSA Program. In addition, 15 credits internship are required ( EDL 569, EDL 570, EDL 571)

Record of Progress documents
Note:  The course of study was revised effective Summer 2012; please see the below attachments to guide your course sequence planning with your advisor. 


Add-on Licensure

Prior to Summer 2012

Program of Study Progress Sheet

Summer 2012 to current

Program of Study Progress Sheet

Program: 1 Year Fast Track Completion of the Add-On Licensure Program

One-Year Model:  Students who want to fast-track the MSA add-on licensure can complete the program in one year with two options.

Option 1 (Only one summer but extensive coursework during spring and fall)

Summer Fall


EDL 569
*EDL Elective

EDL 570
*EDL Elective

EDL 571
*EDL Elective

Option 2 (Coursework pace is lighter as aligned over two summers)

Summer Fall Spring Summer

EDL 569
*EDL Elective

EDL 570

EDL 571

*EDL Elective
*EDL Elective

*Pick three of the following courses (for a total of nine hours)
*HM refers to Hallmark

NOTE: It is recommended that students pick courses with a HM as add-on. Students are responsible for completing all HMs for their e-Portfolio (See Handbook for specific information on all HM projects)

The following internship courses are required (for a total of fifteen hours):

__24___          Total required credits

Exit Criteria:
  1. Successful completion of coursework.
  2. Presentation and oral defense of comprehensive electronic portfolio.

MSA Handbook
Updated MSA Handbook
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