Calendar of Events

June 2012

Date: TBA

Annual Hill Center Leadership Institute- UNCW Watson School of Education

March 2012

March 29:

Grant culmination celebration- UNCW Watson School of Education

Teachers, administrators, researchers, professors, parents, elected officials, Board members and others will join the Hill Center staff to celebrate the end of the Hill Regional Education Model grant.  The celebration will include results from the UNCW evaluation of HillRAP, testimonials from teachers and parents, a discussion on continuing partnerships for future projects and more. 

February 2012

February 24:

UNCW evaluators will conduct a symposium at the NCARE Annual Meeting in Winston Salem, NC.  They will share evaluation results of HillRAP from Brunswick and Carteret counties, discuss issues involved in replication educational programs, and share results of a study on leadership practices for implementing HillRAP.

January 2012

December 2011

Online course scholarships expired this month.  Due to the holiday break, registrations must be in by December 16th to use scholarship funds for courses. 

October 2011

October 28:

Partners' Meeting- Brunswick County Schools Central Office

UNCW evaluators plan to present preliminary findings of the impact HillRAP has had on student reading levels based on pre- and post-tests of the Woodcock Johnson III Tests of Achievement. 

June 2011

June 1:

Partners' Meeting and HillRAP Year End Celebration- Town Creek Elementary School

May 2011

May 31:

HillRAP Parent Night at Town Creek Elementary School: Trainers from the Hill Center will present an overview of the HillRAP methodology.  Evaluators from UNCW will present data on the effectiveness of HillRAP for students in Brunswick County Schools. 

April 2011

Spring post-testing will occur throughout the month to assess students in the HillRAP program. The evaluation team will visit each school using HillRAP.  Students using the program in year two of HillRAP implementation come from elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and the alternative school in Brunswick County. 

February 2011

February 18: Partners' Meeting- Southport

December 2010

December 1:

Summer Graduate Course application available online

Summer Leadership Institute registration opens

November 2010

November 19:

Partners' Meeting (Hill Center, Brunswick County Schools, & UNCW)- Southport

August 2010

August 2:

Partners' Meeting (Hill Center, Brunswick County Schools, & UNCW) - BCS Central Office

August 3-5:

HillRAP teacher training for new Brunswick County Teachers

July 2010

July 12-15:

EDN595: Intensive Remediation for Struggling Learners (8:00-5:00 on UNCW campus)

July 14: 8:00am -5:00pm

Hill Center Leadership Institute for District and School Administrators - UNCW Watson School of Education

June 2010

June 2:

Partners' Meeting and HillRAP year end celebration-Town Creek Elementary

May 2010

UNCW evaluation team concludes post-testing for HillRAP students

April 2010

Hill Center Staff conducted observations

UNCW evaluation team begins post-testing for HillRAP students

March 2010

Hill Center Staff conducted observations

February 2010


Partners' Meeting (Hill Center, Brunswick County Schools, & UNCW)

February 26:

Follow-up HillRAP training for Brunswick County teachers and Project Coordinator

January 2010

January 6:

DVD/PowerPoint presented to JM Monroe Elementary Faculty

January 11, 13, 28:

Mini-workshops/Sound Assessments via video conference

January 25:

HillRAP Parent/Teacher Conference Day

January 28:

Principals' Meeting - Follow-up HillRAP Information

December 2009

December 1-4:

Hill Center staff conducted observations in person and via video link

November 2009

November 25:

Hill Center staff conducted observations

October 2009

October 29:

1/2 Day Follow-up Training - Town Creek Elementary

September 2009


UNCW Evaluation Team conducted pre-testing with the Woodcock-Johnson III for all participating students.

September 14-18:

Mentors from The Hill Center observed, guided, and instructed HillRAP Teachers in Brunswick County. This was the first of several visits planned for the school year to support the teachers new to this program.

September 16:

Parent Meeting - Supply Elementary
Parents of students invited to join the HillRAP program met with Brunswick County HillRAP teachers, Central office personnel, school board members, Hill Center representatives, and UNCW representatives to introduce the program and answer questions that families might have.

September 17:

Kickoff Event - Town Creek Elementary
School board members, the superintendent, central office personnel, principals, teachers, Hill Center representatives, and UNCW representatives all joined in a celebration of this opportunity to partner and to provide HillRAP reading instruction to over 300 struggling readers in this county.

September 25:

1/2 Day Follow-up Training - Via Video Conference

August 2009

August 10-12:

HillRAP Training for Brunswick County Teachers

July 2009

July 6-10:

EDN595: Intensive Remediation for Struggling Learners (8:00-5:00 on UNCW campus)

July 8:

Leadership Institute (at UNCW)

June 2009


Online Courses Available

June 12th:

Teacher Orientation – South Brunswick High School
The first cohort of teachers to be trained in the Hill Center methodology was introduced and welcomed to the program.

Partners' Meeting - Southport, NC (The Hill Center, Brunswick County Schools, UNCW)

April 2009

Partners' Meeting at UNCW (The Hill Center, Brunswick County Schools, UNCW)