UNCW Career Services



Credential Files:

Credential files are required for ALL education majors.  For information on your credential file, go to www.uncw.edu/career/students/credentials.htm

 Education Job Fair:

An education job fair is held each semester for all education interns.  Schools from across North Carolina and the surrounding states are invited to participate.  To find out which school systems will be participating, go to www.uncw.edu/career/edjobfair.htm. 

Before attending the fair, research school systems and determine how our current and potential skills related to teaching.  Complete your resume and have it critiqued by a career counselor in Career Services.  You do NOT need a cover letter for the fair.  Prepare a list of questions to ask the employers and EXPLORE!! Don’t put your eggs in one basket.  Find out what other systems have to offer.  And finally, put together an appropriate outfit.  No shorts, no short skirts, no jeans, no t-shirts.  For information on Dressing for Success, check out http://www.uncw.edu/career/students/dressforsuccess.htm. 

While at the fair, gather as much information and materials as possible.  Collect applications from each school system.  Be ready to hand out your resume and talk about your teaching experiences.  It is also helpful to bring a notepad to take notes after the fair.  Write down names of employers you talked to and what you talked about.  Follow-up with a thank you letter.  And most of all, HAVE FUN!!


Yes, you will need a resume and cover letter to apply to school systems and to send to principals at individual schools.  As you prepare your resume, keep two things in mind: content and form.  Generally, employers look at resumes for 30-40 seconds so keep it short and easy to read.  Always include your name and contact information at the top of the page.  NEVER use resume templates!!  When putting your resume together in Word, start with a blank document and set up your own tabs!!!  Your resume should highlight your relevant experience and achievements.  When describing your experiences, use Power Verbs; NEVER use personal pronouns on a resume.   NEVER include high school information on a resume!!  For information on resumes, review the information at http://www.uncw.edu/career/students/resumes-coverletters.htm.  Get your resume critiqued by a career counselor in Career Services.  You can drop it off in UU 106 or email it as a Word attachment to Diane Reed at reedd@uncw.edu. 

Mock Interview:

Practice job interviews may be scheduled with a career counselor to help you prepare for your employment interviews.  Do NOT practice interviews with real employers for real positions.  These practice interviews can be videotaped and need to be set at least 24 hours in advance.  Call Career Services at 962-3174 to make a mock interview appointment.  Look through the education interview section on the Career Services homepage at www.uncw.edu/career/services/educationinterviews.htm. 

UNCW Experience:

The UNCW Experience allows you to search for part-time and full-time jobs and internships and post your resume online. You may also sign up for on-campus interviews, in which a school system will set up an interview date through Career Services, and you will go into the system and forward your resume and pick a time slot for the interview. For more information, check out http://www.uncw.edu/career/login.htm.

Career Resources:

Career Services is home to a comprehensive library and web site.  There are literature resources for every UNCW major and several resources online.  Check out “What Can I Do With A Major In…?” on the web site and click on Education.  There you will find related career titles, and several web sites directly related to education and the teaching field, including national job search links, researching school systems links, teaching resources, organizations and miscellaneous links.  Also on the web site is a section call Internet Resources, or Hot Links.  Explore the Career Services web site and you will find numerous resources. 

What Can I Do With A Major In…? may be found at http://www.uncw.edu/career/Majors/index.htm. 


Career Services is located in the University Union in rooms 104 & 106, open 8am-5pm Monday-Friday with special drop-in hours Monday-Friday from 2:00 - 4:30 pm for students that have quick questions about resumes, job searching, cover letters, and more. Currently enrolled UNCW students are eligible for all services. If you have any questions, please call the office at (910) 962-3174.