Master Teachers

We are pleased to announce the 2015-2018 Master Teachers.  This new PDS initiative is designed to recognize teachers in our partnership schools who have demonstrated excellence in teaching during their tenure as partnership teachers.  These teachers will receive 30 hours of professional development and will work closely with our academic programs to better prepare our teacher candidates. This is a three year appointment.

Inspire, Motivate, Enlighten

The Mission of the Master Teacher Program

The mission of the master teacher program is to collaborate with professional educators to reflect on practices and impact the educational environment by:

Believing that all students can learn, MASTER Teachers provide:

Meet Our 2015-2018 Master Teachers

2015-2018 Master Teachers

Courtney Alleborn

Dorian Barnes

Carrie Barrett

Jessica Croson

Craig Mann

Victoria Minshew

Bailey Oelslager

Katie Snyder

Jennifer Waring

Bridget Wortman


2012-2015 Master Teachers



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